O ,,listă" a monumentelor istorice din Bucureşti , 1947

  • Subiect: „While searhing the archives of Bucharest Mayoralty, by mere chance I (re)descovered a list of the Historic Monuments of Bucharest, submitted to the Chief-town Mayoralty by the Commission for Historic Monuments, following the Mayoralty's insistent demand. The official lists of the historic monuments in Roman ia, published through administrative documents, were those of 1903, 1955 and 2004. The uncertain data stipulated in the lists resulted into another series of lists, also official, drawn up between these intervals, never published but just submitted to the local administrations. This was the case, among others, of the List of Historic Monuments, Assemblies and Sites, of 1991-1992, and also of the List of the Historic Monuments of Bucharest, dated 1947, which I intend to bring to the specialists attention. The archive file consists of letters, a memorandum of enforcement of the list, as well as of the list of the historic monuments in three versions - in chronological order, according to the order of importance, in alphabetical order, lists which are now so easily offered by the computer.”
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Vezi publicația: Buletinul Comisiunii Monumentelor Istorice: BCMI
  • Editura: Institutul Naţional al Monumentelor Istorice
  • Loc publicare: Bucureşti
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2007
  • Referinţă bibliografică pentru nr. revistă: XVIII; nr. în TOM: 1-2; anul 2007; Serie Nouă
  • Paginaţia: 180-198
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