Puterea armată română în Războiul de Independenţă (1877)

  • Subiect: When the Danubian Kingdom were joint under a single ruler (Al. I. Cuza), the military power was at a low level, following the years of control under the Organic Regulations and the consequences of the 1848 revolutionary wave. In a few years only, with help from the French Emperor Napoleon the 3rd, the Romanian countries were growing their strength continuously, both in the field of organization and personnel as well as in the field of endowment. Despite the opposition of the foreign empires (Austria, Russia and Turkey) we had obtained equipment and training especially from France and Belgium, and in the last period from Germany. The presence of Prince Carol as head of Army represented a boost of Romanian fighting capability, due to his strong military formation. Romania can put in line a significant sized army altogether with extensive logistic capabilities. The total of armed power represents approximately 112.000 men between 38.000 formed the Expeditionary Corp, with a high capable artillery and a mass of cavalry enough to cover the large zones between operational groups. Not at list, to maintain a supply line across the Danube and at the same time to defend the line of the river was a task which proved the strategic support capacity of the Romanian Army.
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