Noi cercetări arheologice în castrul roman de la Varadia-Pusta (jud. Caraş-Severin)

  • Subiect: „From the very beginning the present work focuses both on the diggings the two archaeologists made up to 2011 in the Roman camp at Vărădia-Pustă (county of Caraş-Severin) and the parts of that camp they investigated during that year (fig. 1). The preliminary results follow in the text, on the basis of a section of 26/ 2 m, on the north-south direction, at the eastern gate of the camp (porta principalis dextra). There they found the foundations of the portal two towers, of the two towers of the gate, which were 3 m broad and made the aperture also of 3 m (fig. 2). Marks of a timber wall and of a circular pillar pit were found at about 1 m in depth, both of them belonging to the initial timber phase of the gate and precincts. In what concerns the artifacts, the authors speak about three bronze coins dating down from the time of Emperor Trajan; the coins are in the process of being cleaned at the specialized lab; there were other findings too: a fragment of a rectangular lamp (fig. 3), a complete lamp with volutes and the probable representation of Mercurius (Hermes) and his caduceus (fig. 4a and b), and a pendant from the top of one of the straps that had been part of a military “apron”, or of a horse harness (fig. 5 a and b). ”
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2016
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