Aspecte privind dezvoltarea meşteşugurilor în judeţul Caraş (1944–1948)

  • Subiect: „In the field of trades that are deeply bound to the industry development, the problems were similar: lack of raw material; difficulties in gaining the legal personality; excessive fiscal duties; wear of the equipment; small number of employees; the local and central concerns proved as unsustainable; extension of clandestinism as a result of difficulties the handicraftsmen had to face; insufficient real wages; political element involving in activity; difficulties in obtaining the necessary credits; low professional qualification, etc. The handicraftsmen unions in Caraş County involved in solving the stringent problems of the workshops in the area: insufficiency of raw material; fiscal system, frequently inequitable; wear of equipment; small number of employees; inadequate professional qualification in some of the cases, etc. Besides the problems above, the unions took actively part into social-cultural programs. ”
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