Castre romane din Ţara Făgăraşului

  • Subiect: Roman camps in Fagaras County During the Roman rule in Dacia, Fagaras County was part of the province Dacia Inferior. In Fagaras County, the Roman camps from Hoghiz, Feldioara, Boita and Cincsor have been explored for the Roman Age. In these camps dating from the 2nd and 3rd cc. some military units especially cohorts had their residence: Cohors III Gallorum at Hoghiz, Cohors II Flavia Numidarum at Feldioara, Cohors II Flavia Bessorum at Cincsor. The archaeological materials discovered in the Roman camps lying on the banks of the River Olt, in Fagaras region, are characteristic of any other camps: building materials (stone, bricks, tiles and gutters), tools, arms, jewels, coins as well as a great deal of Roman provincial ceramics. The camp system in the Olt Valley guaranteed security for the south – east border of Transylvania. The next archaeological researches in Fagaras County for the Roman period will give further information about the life and civilization of the Daco – Roman people in this region.
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2013
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