Rolul administrativ al Sibiului – anvergura regională şi centrală (sec. XII – XX)

  • Subiect: Administrative role of Sibiu county – regional and national amplitude (XIIth – XXth century) Romanian society is largely marked by recent debates on the philosophy and practical application of administrative reform, in the sense of the development of viable regional structures - compatible with European financial administrative needs and with Romanian tradition. The role of history and historians is huge in clarifying this debate. First, because the appeal to the position of a community through historical periods (geographic, economic, administrative, cultural and political) awakens community's self-consciousness – at least his intellectual side. Second, to clarify technical (technicist ?) of the theme: how this one community or another stay in the correct hierarchy, motivated, quantified when formulating their claim to become/revive regional heads ? Can demonstrate an historical expertise as regional leader ? Local history has shown the ability estate hosting, support and technology, political culture needed formulation/reformulation of regional claims ? In this paradigm, we propose here to develop case study Sibiu, in a size adapted to the usual of a scientific communication.
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