Documentele întemeierii oraşului Alexandria

  • Subiect: The documents of appearance of the city Alexandria This article presents the moment of appearance of the city of Alexandria through the documents existed in the collection of the museum (some of them are in the Thesaurus Fund of the National Patrimony). Important moments of appearance of the city are followed, but also the testimonies left to the successors, regarding those who made this approach. This article wants to emphasize what the historians avoided to mention, althrough the documents made it clear: the fact that founders of the city were foreign merchants, come to the teritory of Tarii Romanesti because of russian-otoman wars from the south of the Danube. The problem is still unsolved and only an attentive analysis of each person can clear up the mistery: were they Bulgarians, Serbians, other nationalites or Romanians from the south of the Danube? They say about themselves that they are Bulgarians, Serbians, but later, studying the origin of their ancestors, as example the descendents of Ghencu Noica, the family of well-known philosopher, wrote: "The Noica Family has its origin in Sistov - Romanians settled on the right side of the Danube so that the old name of family proves: Dogaru and Gigantu" (Nicolae St. Noica, Noica Family, p.15). Besides these discussed issues in this article, the entire aproach is interesting: the appearance of the city, his name, Ekstruktia - The Constitution, the plan etc.
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis
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