Contribuţii privind viaţa şi activitatea omului de arme Silviu de Herbay (1860-1923)

  • Subiect: Contributions regarding the life and activity of the man of arms Silviu of Herbay (1860-1923) Silviu of Herbay was one of the most important Romanian military career soldier in Austria-Hungary, who activated in the late XIXth century and early XXth century. He was a personality with a multivalent activity, a soldier, a scholar, organizer and supporter of the Romanian sport in Transylvania, and later, after the Great Union (1918) a politician and senator of Romania. He came of a Romanian Orthodox family from Hunedoara County. Silviu of Herbay had a superior military training and was noted in a series of missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Romanian soldier was a close person of the Orthodox Bishop of Arad, John Ignatius Papp. At the beginning of the XXth century, Herbay was promoted to the colonel rank and shortly afterwords was appointed to a very important military function in Vienna (Comando-Platz). In this way the Romanian man of arms became one of the most important military figures in the imperial capital. The City of Central Europe gave to the Romanian officer ample opportunities social and professional asserting, of which he made the most becoming an active character of the Viennese society. From this position he helped the Romanian aviator, Aurel Vlaicu. Silviu of Herbay supported the Romanian youth and sport from Transylvania.
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