Povestea unei aviatoare. Mici fragmente din viaţa Marianei Drăgescu / The Tale of an Aviatrix. Small Fragments From Mariana Drăgescu's Life

  • Subiect: This article aims to present a few aspects of the life of an exceptional woman, a World War Two aircraft pilot, Mariana Drăgescu, through the help of some objects which belonged to her. She was born in 1912 and at the entry of the Kingdom of Romania in the Second World War she joined the war effort as an aircraft pilot, in the only all-female medical squadron of the Romanian Royal Air Force. During the war she took part in operations from 1941 up to the end of the war, from the Soviet Union to Slovakia and Austria. For her actions she won five awards, four of them Romanian (two Aeronautical Merit orders, the Queen Mary Cross order and the Crusade against communism medal) and a German one – the order of the German Eagle. After the war, during the communist regime, her merits in the Army were not recognized, but unlike her other squadron colleagues who were persecuted by the state authorities or forced to flee the country, she had a gentler fate, being allowed to work in the civil aviation, as a flight instructor until 1953 and as a technical inspector until 1955, when she was excluded on the basis of her participation to the anti-Soviet campaign and of her unhealthy origins (being the daughter of an army officer). After the fall of the communist regime her war achievements were recognized and she was made an officer of the Romanian Air Force. Until 2013, the year of death, she received three more awards (the Second World War Commemorative Cross medal, the Star of Romania order and the Honor of the Romanian Army emblem) and several commemorative plaques. Before and after her death, objects related to this war heroine, such as photographs, award documents, medals and orders, ended up in the collections of the National History Museum of Romania, some of which are described in the present paper.
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Secţiunea: Medalistică şi faleristică (Medalistics and Phaleristics)
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2020
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