Constituirea şi evoluţia domeniului familiei nobiliare Măcicaş de Rapolt (1478-1520)

  • Subiect: „Romanian noble family Măcicaş of Rapolt was one of the most important in the county of Hunedoara. Originally from Banat, the brothers Peter Tharnok and John of Măcicaş succeeded in the second half of the fifteenth century to gain access to important functions (Peter was royal treasurer) and to establish a domain composed of over 40 estates in several counties of the Hungarian kingdom. Through the act of donation of 1478 (Annex I) the Măcicaş family has been introduced among the elite of Hunedoara County. In this way was constituted the domain with the center at Rapoltu Mare. The entire area will gravitate around villages received by Royal donation in 1478: Rapoltu Mare, Rapolţel, Bulbuc and Băcăinţi which will add another 21 possessions in the same county. After the death of these two brothers will be disputes between their descendents leading to the division of common property between Gaspar and his cousins, John and Catherine (Annex II). The family will divide into two branches, the Rapolt and Băcăinţi, but a single one of Gaspar, will survive and managed to keep up the estate, hardly constituted in the XVth century”
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Vezi publicația: Banatica
  • Editura: Muzeului Banatului Montan
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2010
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