Conservarea şi restaurarea patrimoniului muzeal "Astra", Programul strategic în ultimii 45 de ani

  • Subiect: Conservation and restoration of „ASTRA” Museum's heritage - strategic programme developed in the last 45 years During the process of establishing the exhibition from the open air museum (1963-1989) it also organized an important center specialized in conservation and restoration the monuments transferred from all the Romanian ethnographic areas that is the background for creating the National Methodological Center for Training the Conservators and Restorers. An essential chapter of the activity developed by the specialists in the Conservation Restoration Department is the scientific research regarding the conservation and restoration of the national cultural heritage. Amang the research themes deals with in collaboration with research institutions from the entire country are: „New substances used for conserving the historical monuments and wooden objects"; „Wood protection according to its quality or the domains it is used in"; „Research on the biological agents that damage the heritage of the open air museum"; „The icon painted on glass spirituality, art and craftsmanship, study on the Icon Collection of „ASTRA Museum"; „lcons from the 18th-19th century from Sibiu collections"; „Textiles from Mărginimea Sibiului area and from Mocănimea Braşovului area"; „The art of ethnographic weaving structure and color".
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  • Editura: ASTRA Museum
  • Loc publicare: Sibiu
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2006-2008
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