Casa tradiţională din Şimon, judeţul Braşov. Un nou monument de arhitectură populară în Muzeul în Aer Liber din Dumbrava Sibiului.

  • Subiect: „The house from Şimon, Braşov County it's one of the latest reconstruction at The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation Sibiu (Open Air Museum). This house was one of the few old houses remaining in the village. It dates from the begginning of the XX'th Century (1909 - 1910) and it has an urban influence, baroque. The house is adapted to the climate of this mountain area and also to the ocupational profile of the people - growing a large number of animals (sheps, cows and horses). The interior of the house it 's a big one, with different pieces of coloured textiles, old furniture, pictures, pottery, tools and wooden barrels, in the basement. In the future we intend to developa complete homestead around the house. The house was brought to the museum in 2008 and rebuilt in 2011-2012. The opening for visitors took place in the 18'th of May 2013 having the owners from Şimon and a few members of the village.”
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Vezi publicația: Cibinium
  • Editura: ASTRA Museum
  • Loc publicare: Sibiu
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2013
  • Referinţă bibliografică pentru nr. revistă: anul 2013; seria 2013
  • Paginaţia: 153-160
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