Aspecte privind perioada prenatală şi naşterea în mediul rural din Transilvania în a doua jumătate a secolului al XIX-lea

  • Subiect: The perpetuation of the mankind was the most important task of the woman in order of nature but also of culture; she fills her mission by giving birth. The first year of marriage usually brought the first baby. In the traditional society, the rituals, the magical believes have a very important role; they appear everywhere and in any contexts, but especially in significant events in every person's life: birth, wedding, funeral. The natal believes made of woman's body an endless source of danger. During the pregnancy the woman was preoccupied to respect all the taboos; if they were not respected they could have negative consequences which could have caused even the child's death. Through magical methods and superstition they tried also to determine the unborn child's sex. Birth was an important moment in a woman's life and at the same time a strict private and feminine act. The main role during birth, in the traditional rural world was still kept by the midwife. Even now magic had its well determined role. If the woman couldn't give birth, if she was in big pains, or any other problem appeared it was solved also through magic. Because of the precarious knowledge and the lack of qualified staff, because of the lack of hygiene or because of the mother's living conditions, child death rate was very big. During the 19th century it can be seen that the illegitimate birth keep growing, showing a slow erosion of traditional mentality.
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