Contribuţii la istoria sportului în Dacia Romană. 2. Despre propaganda pentru luptele de gladiatori şi vînătoare în amfiteatru

  • Subiect: Considering both the manifold representations of gladiators (caricatures engraved or scratched into various artefacts, statues, figurines, images impressed on crockery, rush lights etc.- Langner 2001; Weeber 1994 etc.) and the establishment of the fact that all these are part of the Roman state policy to use sports as entertainment for the people (Weeber 1994, passim; Landes et alii 1990; 1994), the author (H. Moşneag) attempts with the present paper to compare the spread of data regarding gladiators and from arena hunters and what can be established now for the Dacian provinces. Following the presentation of images accounting for the brief time-scale of coliseum occurrence - Figure 1- and the gladiator fights within the Empire (figurines, representations on monuments, caricatures etc.) - Figures 2-6, the author sets forth a compilation of this type of discoveries through the territory of Dacia - Figures 8-15 - and an image of their spread across Dacia - Figure 7. The author concludes that, even in the current stage of knowledge, it can be stated that the same types of gladiator and arena hunter representations occur in Dacia, engraved into stone monuments, various artefacts or impressed, scratched and ripped into ceramic ware. Therefore, the Empire conducted the same entertainment policy for the masses in Dacia, particularly in towns or important military centres.
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