Familia nobiliară de Şintereag [Somkerek] şi evoluţia acesteia de la finalul epocii angevine până în timpul jagellonilor [secolele XIV-XVI] A. Dinamica unui domeniu familial 1382-1481

  • Subiect: The study is a first part of a wider study devoted to the noble family of Şintereag, this part trying to identify the origins of the family, but especially to capture the dynamics of a noble family domain over a century kneading of social, especially political, military and economic history of Hungarian kingdom confronted with the danger of permanent extinction, standing in front of an aggressive emerging country, as was the Ottoman state. The family of Şintereag tried to consolidate its heritage financially, especially in a generation, who has collated, while next generation has „broken” the unity of the manor, which was reconstructed with difficulty, extremely cumbersome, through marital subterfuges, today difficult to understand in their totality.
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