Sextil Puşcariu şi Primul Război Mondial. Anul 1917

  • Subiect: The Memoirs of Sextil Puşcariu represent a remarkable source of historic information for the culturally educated mind who aims to reconstruct the First World War from the perspective of the collective mind and of the social imagination. The information provided in the Memoirs expresses the trouble of the Italian front and reflects the necessity of keeping a diary that would capture the drama of war life for the sake of posterity. The frustrations, protests and the pressure of war were obvious in the combatants’ mind frames in 1917. The constant price increase and low wages made life difficult for both soldiers and civilians. Sextil Puşcariu was enrolled with the supplies service and therefore the Memoirs the lock warmonger features and they reflect the painful situations of collective dramas specific for all conflicts. The First World War had a strong impact on family life. Due to the permanent feeling of insecurity in family life, Puşcariu, as a husband, expressed his emotional vulnerabilities on the front, underlining the importance of family life for one′s emotional balance.
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