Abuzuri săvîrşite de soldaţii sovietici pe teritoriul judeţului Năsăud în anul 1946

  • Subiect: In the first part of the article, the author shows, on the basis of some edited sources, the stages of the occupying of Romania by the Soviet troops distinguishing three stages: the first one is included between the months April-May 1944 and the signing of the Armistice Convention at Moscow; the second stage is included between the signing of the Armistice Convention and the signing of the Peace Treaty from Paris (the tenth of February, 1947) ; the third stage is included between the tenth of February 1947 and August 1958. In the second part of the article, on the basis of some archives documents, the author illustrates by concrete examples a series of savage acts committed by the Soviet soldiers in Năsăud District. These acts consisted of: robberies, beatings upon people in order to obtain food - stuff and alcohol, violations of houses, destructions of material goods, menaces with death, shots of people and animals, each of them being made in advanced intoxicated state. The article has also three annexes which are consisted of extensive archives documents concerning the facts mentioned above.
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 1997
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