Aspecte privind caracterul aşezării romane de la Cristeşti

  • Subiect: Firstly recorded in 1870, when are also mentioned the visible remains of a Roman road, the roman settlement of Cristeşti has always called the attention of the researchers through a great number of discoveries. In the Roman settlement of Cristeşti were discovered only surface dwellings, having stone foundations. The most important construction investigated at Cristeşti is an imposing building, portioned in 16 rooms. After a serious comparison with another construction from Dacia, we conclude that construction night be the termae of auxiliary camp. However, the kinds of discoveries from the settlement (military diploma, funerary inscriptions, tegular inscriptions) prove the links exist between the auxiliary camp and the vicus. These considerations prove that roman settlement of Cristeşti is a military vicus. If the settlement was standing in extraterritorial of military camp, the settlement might be a secondary civilian settlement. Because the Roman settlement of Cristeşti is the largest settlement of the eastern part of Dacia Superior, we can say that vicus was also a local administrative centre of a civitas.
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