Modificări ale structurii comunităţilor de moluşte acvatice în lacurile din Câmpia Transilvaniei, sub influenţa impactului antropic

  • Subiect: Since ancient limes the humans have used the lakes from the Transylvanian Plain, for fishing, housework, water-meals and other purposes. In the past decades they were drastically affected in order to be transformed in fishponds. The former habitats were tainted which is linked to the changes which have occurred in the molluscs communities. These have responded by the disappearance of the prosobranch species and of the exacting pulmonates. In present the former lakes are sheltering a poor mollusc fauna, consisting mainly by euriecic pulmonates. Several cases are described in the paper, showing all the same debasement of the freshwater mollusc communities.
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Vezi publicația: Satu Mare - Studii şi Comunicări
  • Editura: Editura Muzeului Sătmărean
  • Loc publicare: Satu Mare
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2000
  • Referinţă bibliografică pentru nr. revistă: I; anul 2000; seria Ştiinţele Naturale
  • Paginaţia: 141-146
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