Anseriformele din NV-ul României

  • Subiect: The present case study provides an overall image of the Anseriferes in northwestern Romania, based on a thorough fieldwork and bibliography, outlining a series of wet areas representing adequate habitats for birds. 27 species of Anseriforma have been identified in the researched area, representing over 57 % of the species of this type existing in Romania, in accordance with the large existence of the wet habitat and the tropic basis which they offer. Because of the clean up done in the area, many bird populations in the area are decreasing (e.g.: Branta ruflcollis, Anser anser, Aythya n. nyroca, etc). A series of wet areas, such as the Teplita Lake, the Bercu ponds, the Otomani and Sacuieni Lakes should become natural reservations.
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