Unirea, naţiunea a făcut-o! O personalitate a Unirii - Elena Pop

  • Subiect: The Union, the nation has done it! A personality of the Union - Elena Pop The Great Union of 1918 crowned the secular aspirations of the Romanians to live in a single state. It was the fruit of the struggle of all the internal forces and social categories, the achievement of which contributed an important generation of politicians, and not only, both in the Old Kingdom and in the provinces under foreign rule. The list of the Union's pcrsonalitics is certainly very long and includes precursors, political leaders and not only involved in World War I and before that. The role of great personalities in the realization of the Union was subjectively approached in the interwar and very fierce decades during the communist historiography. An important gaio of the Great National Assembly in Alba lui ia was the right for women to express their adherence to the unification of Transylvania with Romania.
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