Perspective istorice şi sociologice ale unei cronici militare a judeţului Vaslui

  • Subiect: A military chronicle seen as a result of scientific research, is basically grounded on data, places, circumstances and facts which are mainly centred on human being. Our debate aims to underline the idea of historical human being, the man who belongs to history, he himself being history. Spiritualy speaking, we would like to emphasize the human " noos " (the spirit; the one that represents the thought, the mind, the wisdom, the intelligence) specific for the Romanian man, particularly for the Moldavian " noos ", as it is represented in the " Military Chronicle of Vaslui District ".
  • Limba de redactare: română (rezumat în engleză)
  • Vezi publicația: Acta Moldaviae Meridionalis: ActaMM
  • Editura: Editura PIM
  • Loc publicare: Vaslui
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2012
  • Referinţă bibliografică pentru nr. revistă: XXXIII; anul 2012
  • Paginaţia: 241-271
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