Habitatul culturii Otomani din Câmpia Careiului şi Valea Eriului

  • Subiect: During the circa 500 years of the Middle Bronze Age the Carpathian-Basin resembles a mosaic from the cultural point of view. Despite the fact that every community developed a specific material culture in this chronological sequence we still may talk on a so-called „tells’ society” based on the social and economic macro features. This type of habitat is specific for the studied region and for the great Hungarian Plain, too. During the Middle Bronze Age in these areas had been created a “cultural complex” characterized by homogeneity of pottery and metallurgy of bronze. The aim of this study is to present a much accurate image on the Middle Bronze Age landscape from the Carei Plain and the valley of the Eriu River. The starting point was the exhaustive recording of the Otomani settlements (mapping, visiting and photographing each site, analyzing archeological evidence). 80 settlements have been identified in the researched area.
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