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articol de periodic JOVANOVIC, G. (autor) Gravito-acoustic wave reflection 459-472
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Ion (autor) Approximate solution of nonlinear poisson equation by finite differences method 473-485
articol de periodic POPESCU, D. (autor) , MICLOȘ, Sorin (autor) , PAȘOL, I. (autor) , NICULESCU, V. (autor) Wavelet and short time Fourier transformation two complementary methods for spectral analysis of muscle electrical activity 486-496
articol de periodic PLEȘA, C. (autor) , TODIRICA, C. (autor) , ȚURCANU, D. (autor) Method to mimic environment shapes and colors using fractal theory 497-502
articol de periodic NOURI, K. (autor) , ELAHI-MEHR, S. (autor) , TORKZADEH, L. (autor) Investigation of the behaviour of the fractional bagley-torvik and basset equations via numerical inverse Laplace transform 503-514
articol de periodic BHATTACHARYYA, Swarnapratim (autor) , HAIDUC, Maria (autor) , NEAGU, Alina (autor) , FIZU, Elena (autor) Forward - bakward azimuthal correlation in high energy nucleus-nucleus interactions 515-529
articol de periodic POPESCU, Emilia (autor) , RADU, A. (autor) , HAIDUC, M. (autor) , FITU, E. (autor) , NEAGU, A. (autor) Analysis of a groung based system for the calibration of orbital UV telescopes with pixelated detectors 530-342
articol de periodic BĂCIOIU, I. (autor) Search for specific signatures of the cosmic ray physics at the highest energies 543-553
articol de periodic BĂDESCU, A. (autor) , SIMION, A. (autor) Array of antennas for cosmic radio observations 554-362
articol de periodic CHIRIȚOI, G. (autor) , JIPA, Alexandru (autor) , POPESCU, Emilia (autor) 3D visualization for simulated extensive air showers /EAS) using Corsika and blender 3D 563-570
articol de periodic TUDORA, A. (autor) , HAMBSCH, F.J. (autor) , GIUBEGA, G. (autor) , VIȘAN, I. (autor) Even-ODD effects in the prompt emission of 234U(n,f) at incident neutron energiers from o,2 MeV to 5 MeV 571-382
articol de periodic MANISA, K. (autor) A new Landau parameter set for nuclear matter using the Skaan-U14 skyrme parameter set 582-593
articol de periodic LAZANU, S. (autor) , LAZANU, I. (autor) Modification of Lindhard energy partition for low energy recoils in germanium and silicon for detectors due to electron - phonon coupling 594-603
articol de periodic BĂDIȚĂ, E. (autor) , VANCEA, C. (autor) , STANCU, E. (autor) , SCARLAT, F. (autor) , CĂLINA, I. (autor) , SCĂRIȘOREANU, A. (autor) Study on the development of a new single mode optic fiber radiation dosimeter for electron beams 604-614
articol de periodic CORTEA, Ioana (autor) , CRISTACHE, Raluca (autor) , SANDU, Ion (autor) Characterization of historical violin varnishes using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy 615-622
articol de periodic BUDEANU, L. (autor) , CHIRIAC, H. (autor) , LUPU, N. (autor) , NEAGU, M. (autor) , BORZA, F. (autor) Annealing influence on the structural and magnetic properties of Fe73,5Cu1Nb3Si13,5B9 powders 623-629
articol de periodic COZAR, I. (autor) , PÎRNĂU, A. (autor) , SZABO, L. (autor) , VEDEANU, N. (autor) , NASTASĂ, C. (autor) Sperctroscopic and computational investigation of a thazolidine -2,4 - dione compound 630-641
articol de periodic GRUIA, I. (autor) High efficiency materials based in Ge for high speed devices 642-647
articol de periodic PANTAZI, A. (autor) , PALADE, S. (autor) , BERBECARU, C. (autor) , VECA, M. (autor) , DINESCU, A. (autor) , ȘCHIOPU, V. (autor) , OPREA, O. (autor) , DRAGOMAN, D. (autor) Dielectric properties of compositers containing silicone rubber and multiwall carbon nanotubes decorated with gold 648-657
articol de periodic PASCU, A. (autor) , TIMAR-GABOR, A. (autor) , SIMION, V. (autor) Retrospective accident dosimetry using dental ceramics 658-666
articol de periodic MEREUȚĂ, Paul-Emil (autor) Position annihilation lifetime spectroscopy analysis of UV irradiated contact lenses (ocufilcon D) 667-672
articol de periodic SMARANDACHE, Adriana (autor) , PASCU, A. (autor) , ANDREI, I. (autor) , HANDZLIK, Jadwiga (autor) , KIEC-KONONIWICZ, Katarzyna (autor) , STAICU, Angela (autor) , PASCU, M. (autor) Study of the optical properties of 2-thiohydantoin derivatives 673-683
articol de periodic ALEXANDRU, Tatiana (autor) , STAICU, Angela (autor) , PASCU, A. (autor) , DINACHE, Andra (autor) , BEN, Abdeladhim (autor) , ENESCU, M. (autor) , KHATYR, A. (autor) , PASCU, M. (autor) Light cleavage of some potential linkers for drug carriers 684-692
articol de periodic IONESCU, C. (autor) , PERIEANU, M. (autor) , CRĂCIUN, L. (autor) Nanomechanical properties of dental surfaces study as an irradiated treatment simulation 693-701
articol de periodic ZORILA, B. (autor) , BACALUM, Mihaela (autor) , POPESCU, A. (autor) , RADU, M. (autor) Log-normal deconvolution of laurdan fluorescence spectra - a tool to assess lipid membrane fluidity 702-712
articol de periodic BULINSKI, M. (autor) , MOAGAR-POLADIAN (autor) Fourier-transform interference lithography 713-724
articol de periodic UBEID, Muin (autor) , SHABAT, Mahomed (autor) , SCHAADT, Daniel (autor) Wide-angle and wavelength-independent perfect absorption at material surfaces 725-735
articol de periodic CULICOV, Otilia (autor) , DULIU, Octavian (autor) , ZINICOVSCAIA, Inga (autor) Study of elemental grouping in moss-bags as a function of height and location of the exposure site 736-245
articol de periodic DEHELEAN, A. (autor) , MAGDAS, D. (autor) , PUȘCAȘ, R. (autor) , LUNG, I. (autor) , STAN, M. (autor) Quality asssment of some commercial romanian juices 746-759
articol de periodic CHITEA, F. (autor) , IOANE, Dumitru (autor) , ȘERBAN, A. (autor) Soil chemical pollution reflecting in groundwater electrical propetries 760-773
articol de periodic WISZNIEWSKI, A. (autor) , ZURALSKA, R. (autor) , MZIRAY, M. (autor) Variability of ion concentration in air over the grounf and sea 774-787
articol de periodic BĂRBULESCU, A. (autor) Modeling temperature evolution. Case study 788-798
articol de periodic MIHAI, Laura (autor) , STĂNCĂLIE, A. (autor) , SPOREA, Adelina (autor) , SPOREA, D. (autor) , NERTAN, Argentina (autor) , MIHĂILESCU, Dan (autor) Drought vegetation monitoring using in situ and satellite data, in the Caracal Plain of Romania 799-812
articol de periodic CHELMUȘ, A. (autor) , ENE, D. (autor) , ANGHELUȚĂ, L. (autor) Analysis of radio wave propagation in soil with application in archaeology 813-821
articol de periodic APOSTOL, A. (autor) , MALIUK, I. (autor) Uranium isotopic composition analysis using gamma spectrometry: applications in nuclear forensics 822-831
articol de periodic ARDELEANU, L. (autor) , NEAGOE, C. (autor) The performance of the stations of the romanian seismic network in monitoring the local seismic activity. Part II. Normal depth events 832-852
articol de periodic STANCU, Iulian (autor) , GHICA, Daniela (autor) , RADULIAN, Mircea (autor) Detecting accidental chemical explosions using the seismo-acoustic network of Ploștina, Romania 853-862
articol de periodic CRAIU, M. (autor) , CRAIU, A. (autor) , MĂRMUREANU, Alexandru (autor) Local magnitude scale ML evaluation for the main crustal seismic zones of Romania 863-878
articol de periodic CZIPROK, Claudia (autor) , POPESCU, F. (autor) Using the heuristic in laboratory classroom for teaching and learning physics of photonic devices 879-890
articol de periodic GRIGORE, I. (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) , BARNA, E. (autor) Exploring the graphic facilities of excel spreadsheets in the interactive teaching and learning of damped harmonic ostillations 891-904
articol de periodic OPREA, M. (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) The application of virtual instrumentation in the study of a thermodynamic system water-ice 905-