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articol de periodic IVAȘCU, Marin (autor) , SEMENESCU, G. (autor) , BUCURESCU, D. (autor) , TITIRICI, M. (autor) Elastic and inelastic scattering of alpha particles by 27Al in the energy range from 12 to 16 MeV 129-137
articol de periodic GLODEANU, L. (autor) On the theory of impurity states in the two band approximation (in non-metallic crystals) using the pseudopotential method 139-156
articol de periodic POP, Olivia (autor) , STĂNESCU, L. (autor) , POP, Iuliu (autor) Some electric and magnetic properties of the Cr2O3 - TiO2 system 157-174
articol de periodic ZNAMIROVSCHI, V. (autor) The isotopic fractionation of hydrogen in water-hydronium ion system 175-181
articol de periodic GELBERG, A. (autor) On point-charge calculation of the quadrupole splitting in Mossbauer spectra 183-188
articol de periodic GRIGOROVICI, Radu (autor) , CROITORU, N. (autor) , VESCAN, L. (autor) , MARINA, M. (autor) Hole injection in the junction bertween amorphous Ge layers and n-type Ge single crstaline crystals 199-205
articol de periodic DIETMAR, Floriani (autor) Zur festlegung der matruix in der speziellen relativitatstheorie 207-209
articol de periodic SCUTARU, I. (autor) On the number of the omnes trees 211-214
articol de periodic GHICA, Grigore (autor) , RĂDESCU, E. (autor) , VIȘINESCU, Mihai (autor) Note on the current algebra calculation of the pi pi scattering langths 215-218
articol de periodic GHEORGHIU, Octav (autor) Broad-band amplitude-frequency detector for the investigation of an ionized gas 219-221