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articol de periodic KADEN, Abdelouhab (autor) , BĂLEANU, Dumitru (autor) On fractional coupled whitham-Broer-Kaup equations 629-635
articol de periodic BĂLEANU, D. (autor) , RANJBAR, A. (autor) , SADATI, S.J. (autor) , DELAVARI, H. (autor) , ABDELJAWAD, (Maraaba) (autor) Lyapunov-Kradovski stability theorem for fractional systems with decay 636-643
articol de periodic DARIESCU, Marina-Aura (autor) , DARIESCU, Ciprian (autor) B meson radiative decay within MSSM 644-653
articol de periodic PETROVICI, M. (autor) , PETRIȘ, M. (autor) , APRODU, V. (autor) , BARTOȘ, D. (autor) , CARAGHEORGHEOPOL, G. (autor) , CĂTĂNESCU, V. (autor) , HERGHELEGIU, A. (autor) , PRODAN, L. (autor) , RADU, A. (autor) , BERGMANN, Cyrano (autor) , KLEIN-BOSING, M. (autor) , WESSELS, J.P. (autor) A two-dimension position sensitive high efficiency transition radiation detector for high counting rate enfironment 654-663
articol de periodic SAFTOIU, A. (autor) , BERCUCI, A. (autor) , BRÎNCUȘ, I. (autor) , DUMA, M. (autor) , HAUNGS, A. (autor) , MITRICĂ, B. (autor) , PETCU, M. (autor) , REBEL, H. (autor) , SIMA, O. (autor) , TOMA, G. (autor) Measurement of the cosmic moun flux with the Willi detector as a souce of information about solar events 664-672
articol de periodic PALCU, Adrian (autor) , NĂDĂBAN, Sorin (autor) , ȘANDRU, Andrea (autor) Some remarks on the Boson mass spectrum in a 3-3-1 Gauge model 673-681
articol de periodic SAHAGIA, M. (autor) , LUCA, A. (autor) , WATJEN, A.C. (autor) , ANTOHE, A. (autor) , IVAN, C. (autor) , STĂNGĂ, D. (autor) , VARLAM, C. (autor) , FAURESCU, I. (autor) , RORO, L. (autor) , NODITI, M. (autor) , CASSETTE, P. (autor) Results obtained in measurements of Rn-222 with the romanian standard system 682-691
articol de periodic CONSTANTINESCU, S. (autor) , DIAMANDESCU, I. (autor) , BIBICU, I. (autor) , TĂRPBĂȘANU-MIHĂILĂ, D. (autor) , FEDER, M. (autor) 119Sn and 57Fe-Mossbauer investigation of xSnO2-(1-X)(&-Fe2O3) nanoparticle system.)I) Magnetic hyperfine field distribution in Sn-low dilute system 692-707
articol de periodic CONSTANTINESCU, S. (autor) , UDUBAȘA, Sorin (autor) , POPESCU-POGRION, N. (autor) , MERCIONIU, Ionel (autor) , UDUBAȘA, Gheorghe (autor) A complex investigations of iron and gold incluisions in minerakls species at nanosize scale 708-718
articol de periodic CEKIC, B. (autor) , IVANOVSKI, V. (autor) , ZAK, T. (autor) , L, stojic (autor) , BELOSEVIC-CAVOR, J. (autor) , KOTESKI, V. (autor) , UMICEVIC, A. (autor) Mossbauer study of Hffe2 and Hf.,75Ta0.25Fe2 719-723
articol de periodic GHORBANI, M. (autor) , JADDI, M. (autor) On omega and Saghana polynomials of leapfrog fullerenes 724-729
articol de periodic ALI, M.K.M. (autor) , IBRAHIM, K. (autor) , HAMAD, Osama (autor) , EISA (autor) , FARAJ, M.G. (autor) , AZHARI, F. (autor) Deposited Indium tin oxide (ITO) thin films by DC-magnetron spurrering on pothylene terephthalate substrate (PET) 730-741
articol de periodic ODUNCUOGLU, M. (autor) Theoretical analysis of temperature and doping dependence of material parameters in GalnNAs/GaAs quantum wells 742-748
articol de periodic LUNGU, M. (autor) , NECULAE (autor) , BUNOIU, M. (autor) , STRÎMBEANU, N. (autor) Some considerations on the nanoparticles manipulation in fluid media using dielectrophoresis 749-756
articol de periodic STOCHIOIU, Ana (autor) , BERCEA, Sorin (autor) , SAHAGIA, Maria (autor) , IVAN, Constantin (autor) , TUDOR, Ion (autor) , CELAREL, Aura (autor) The measurement of the natural radiation backround in a salt mine 757-761
articol de periodic STOCHIOIU, Ana (autor) , TUDOR, I. (autor) , GHEORGHIU, A. (autor) Research and applications in the laboratory for environmental and personnel dosimetry 762-768
articol de periodic BUCUR, C. (autor) , OLTEANU, M. (autor) , DULAMĂ, N. (autor) , PAVELESCU, M. (autor) Cesium sorption/desorption on Saligby geologic formations 769-783
articol de periodic TAHĂȘ, S. (autor) , RISTOIU, D. (autor) , COSMA, C. (autor) Trends of the global solar radiation and air temperature in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (1984-2008) 784-789
articol de periodic DEMETRESCU, C. (autor) , ENE, M. (autor) , DOBRICĂ, V. (autor) Geomagnetic field change in Romania, 1980-2004 790-800
articol de periodic TIWARI, Jaya (autor) , TIWARI, Anil (autor) , SHRIVASTAVA, Avnish (autor) Study of interplanetary parameters effect on geomagnetic field 801-812
articol de periodic CONSTANTIN, A. (autor) , PANTEA, A. (autor) , STOICA, R. (autor) Vrancea (Romania) subcrustal earthquakes: historical sources and macroseismic intensity assesment 813-826
articol de periodic ARDELEANU, L. (autor) Reliability of source parameters of low magnitude crustal earthquakes of Vrancea retrieved by gigh frequency waveform intersion 827-841
articol de periodic PAWAR, D.D. (autor) String cosmological model in presence of massiless scalar field in modified theory of general relativity 842-848