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articol de periodic IOSIFESCU, Marius (autor) Avertisment 375-375
articol de periodic BARBU, Viorel (autor) , DA, Trado (autor) The kolmogorov operator associated with a stochastic variational inequality in Rn with convex potential 377-388
articol de periodic CIORĂNESCU, Doina (autor) , OULD, Hammouda (autor) Homogenization of elliptic problems in perforated domains with mixed boundary conditions 389-406
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Romulus (autor) Vector seminorms, spaces with vexror norm and regular operators 407-418
articol de periodic DINCĂ, George (autor) , MATEI, Pavel (autor) Multiple solutions to operator equations involving duality mappings on Orlicz-Sobolev spaces via the mountain pass theorem 419-437
articol de periodic ENE, Horia (autor) On a diffusion problem 439-444
articol de periodic HĂRĂGUȘ, Marinela (autor) Stability of periodic waves for the generalized BBM equation 445-463
articol de periodic IOSIFESCU, Marius (autor) , SEBE, Gabriela (autor) On the metrical theory of a peculiar continued fraction expansion 465-477
articol de periodic IOSIFESCU, Oana (autor) , MICHAILLE, Gerard (autor) Deterministic equivalent of a random Riemannian metric defined by geodesics 479-498
articol de periodic MARDARE, Cristinel (autor) On the derivation of nonlinear shell models from three-dimensional elasticity 499-522
articol de periodic MARDARE, Sorin (autor) On Poincare and de Rham's Theorems 523-541
articol de periodic RĂDULESCU, Vicențiu (autor) Combined effects in nonlinear singular elliptic problems with convection 543-553
articol de periodic SZOPOS, Marcela (autor) An existence and uniqueness result for isometric immersions with little regularity 555-565