Acta Musei Napocensis: ActaMN, 53, nr. în TOM: II, 2017, seria historica

Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic Contents 3-4 engleză
articol de periodic VIZAUER, Victor (autor) Animal Names and Nicknames in Medieval Transylvania until the mid 14th Century: Possibilities and Opinions Studies 7-22 engleză
articol de periodic HASAN, Mihai Florin (autor) Banditry in the Kingdom of Hungary in the Middle Ages. Case Study: Some Gangs on the “Royal Land”(15th Century) Studies 23-31 engleză
articol de periodic VIRAG, Paula (autor) The Population of Satu Mare County according to the Josephine Census (II) Studies 32-40 engleză
articol de periodic NEAGU, Răzvan Mihai (autor) Between teaching, serving at the altar and working in diplomacy. Petru Ionescu (1867-1938), a less well known personality from Banat Studies 41-46 engleză
articol de periodic INEOAN, Emanuil (autor) Romania's Involvement in Balkan Policy during the Great War. The Italian Army in the Pindus Mountains Studies 48-58 engleză
articol de periodic ABRUDAN, Mircea-Gheorghe (autor) „Recollections from Transylvania during those Tempestuous Days”. The Transylvanian Front of World War I reflected in the memories of Transylvanian Saxons Studies 59-73 engleză
articol de periodic MUNTEAN, Ovidiu (autor) An Officer from Maramureș: Artur Dan of Apșa. From Dynastic Loyalty to Greater Romania Studies 74-101 engleză
articol de periodic TURCU, Lucian (autor) The Spiritual Implications of the Union of Transylvania with Romania Studies 102-117 engleză
articol de periodic TURCUȘ, Veronica (autor) The New Educational Policies in the Romanian People's Republic during the Period of Stalinism. A Foreign Diplomat‟s View Studies 118-134 engleză
articol de periodic BONȚA, Claudia (autor) Ancient Portraits from Museal Collections Studies 135-145 engleză
articol de periodic CHETRARI, Mihaela (autor) , TROȘAN, Laura (autor) , POP, Vasile-Daniel (autor) The Restoration and Conservation of Funeral Hatchments Painted on Silk Studies 146-154 engleză
articol de periodic In Memoriam. Eugenia Glodariu Biographical Medallions 157-158 română
articol de periodic In Memoriam. Nicolae Bocșan Biographical Medallions 159-160 română
articol de periodic Contributors 161-162 engleză