Acta Musei Napocensis: ActaMN, 47-48-I, 2012, seria 2010-2011

Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic Content 5-6 engleză
articol de periodic LAZAREVICI, Magda (autor) , MAXIM, Zoia (autor) , MISCHKA, Carsten (autor) Geophysical prospecting vs. Excavation at the neolithic sites Țaga and Iclod Studies 9-25 engleză
articol de periodic DRAGOMAN, Alexandru (autor) , GÎȚĂ, Gheorghe (autor) A comparative technological study of the Neolitic burnished pottery from Vădastra and Crușovu (Romania) Studies 27-45 engleză
articol de periodic DAROCZI, Tibor-Tamas (autor) From „diachronic judgement” to the Theory of Possible Types of Symmetry: an investigation into Cycladic and Transylvanian Bronze Age relations Studies 47-61 engleză
articol de periodic BERETEU, Dinu (autor) The dacian fortification from Someșu Rece - „Dealul Custurii” (Gilău, Cluj County) Studies 63-79 engleză
articol de periodic PEȚAN, Aurora (autor) Coin finds at Grădiștea Muncelului during the excavation campaigns of 1803-1804 Studies 81-89 engleză
articol de periodic ANTAL, Adriana (autor) The cult of Venus within the forts from Dacia Studies 91-113 engleză
articol de periodic CUMURCIUC, Andrea (autor) Neptune and the significance of its cult in the Northern Limes area Studies 115-124 engleză
articol de periodic DIACONESCU, Alexandru (autor) Male and female funerary statues from roman Dacia Studies 125-203 engleză
articol de periodic BEDEA, Doina (autor) In regard to a possible abandonment of the Province of Dacia under Gallienus Studies 205-218 franceză
articol de periodic MUSCALU, Bogdan (autor) View concerning barrel-shaped vessels in the sarmatian iazyges environment Studies 219-228 engleză
articol de periodic RUSCU, Dan (autor) Bishop Theophilus and the Church of Gothia Studies 229-240 engleză
articol de periodic BLASEN PHILIPPE, Henri (autor) Images de l'empereur en France au XIXe siècle Studies 241-263 franceză
articol de periodic CIONGRADI, Carmen (autor) Ioana Oltean, Dacia: Landscape, Colonisation, Romanisation, Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies, London-New York, Routledge 2007, 264 p., pages, 79 figures Reviews 267-274 engleză
articol de periodic MATEI, Dan (autor) Alexander Heising, Die römische Stadtmauer von Mogontiacum-Mainz. Archäologische, historische und numismatische Aspekte zum 3. und 4. Jahrhundert n. Chr., Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn 2008, VIII + 353 pages, 50 figures, 32 plates, 23 tables Reviews 275-282 engleză
articol de periodic Abbreviations 283-286 engleză