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articol de periodic Contents III-IV engleză
articol de periodic MADGEARU, Alexandru (autor) Further considerations on Hierotheos’ mission to the Magyars Studies 1-16 engleză
articol de periodic VIZAUER, Victor (autor) Ethnic Nicknames (Sobriquets) in Transylvania during the 13th – 14th Centuries Studies 17-39 engleză
articol de periodic HASAN, Mihai Florin (autor) About a Theft of Oxen from Solnoc County (1353) Studies 40-52 engleză
articol de periodic VIRAG, Paula (autor) General Aspects regarding The Jews in Satu Mare County at the end of the 18th Century Studies 53-62 engleză
articol de periodic OLÁH-GÁL, Róbert (autor) Petru Pipoș (1859 - 1913), The First Romanian Mathematician, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences in Cluj Studies 63-67 engleză
articol de periodic TEȘCULĂ, Nicolae (autor) The Order of Good Templars in Transylvania’s Saxon towns at the beginning of the 20th Century Studies 68-78 engleză
articol de periodic BODALE, Horațiu (autor) The Units of Transylvanian Romanian Volunteers in Italy (1917 - 1919) Studies 79-97 engleză
articol de periodic MUNTEAN, Ovidiu (autor) Feminine Personalities in The Service of The Great Union. Sidonia Docan – The Secretary of The Romanian National Senate of Transylvania (4 nov. 1918 – 4 jan. 1919 Studies 98-135 engleză
articol de periodic TURCUȘ, Veronica (autor) , TURCUȘ, Șerban (autor) The First Secret Contacts for The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between The Holy See and The Kingdom of Romania in 1918 Studies 136-147 engleză
articol de periodic BENKŐ, Levente (autor) The Supreme Protest: Self-Immolation. In Memory of the former Student from Cluj, Marton Moyses (1941-1970), a Victim of The Communist Dictatorship Studies 148-161 engleză
articol de periodic MITU, Melinda (autor) Fin-de-siècle Ceramics from the Collections of the National Museum of Transylvanian History Studies 162-172 engleză
articol de periodic BONȚA, Claudia (autor) A Selective Overview of The Activity of The History Department from The National Museum of Transylvanian History in Cluj-Napoca 2013-2016 Studies 173-179 engleză
articol de periodic BALOG, Iosif Marin (autor) Vasile Dobrescu, Adrian Onofreiu, Din istoricul instituțiilor de credit din județul Bistrița-Năsăud [On the History of Loan Institutions in Bistrița-Năsăud County] (1873-1940), Cluj-Napoca, Edit. Argonaut, 2018, ISBN, 978-973-109-759-6, 304 pp Reviews and Presentations 181-186 engleză
articol de periodic BALOG, Iosif Marin (autor) Volker Wollmann, „Un mileniu și jumătate de minerit aurifer la Roșia Montană” [A Millennium and a Half of Gold Mining at Roșia Montană], București, DAR Development Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-606-94409-0-2 Reviews and Presentations 187-192 engleză
articol de periodic Contributors 193-195 engleză