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MITU, Melinda (autor) The Brâncoveanu Year at the National Museum of Transylvanian History The Brâncoveanu Year 7-8 engleză
MIHALY, Melinda (autor) The Reformed Church from Sfăraș (Sălaj County) Studies 69-84 engleză
MITU, Melinda (autor) Reciprocal Images and Attitudes from Wallachia and Transylvania during the Epoch of Matei Basarab and the Rákóczy Princes The Brâncoveanu Year 9-22 engleză
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URSU, Viorica (autor) A Special Exhibit from Baia Mare Dated 1608, An Occasion for a Concise Fresco of the Town at That Time Studies 112-120 engleză
SABĂU, Nicolae (autor) Communion through Art: Two 18th-Century Bells in Two Churches from Făgăraș The Brâncoveanu Year 47-68 engleză
BÎRLEA, Eugenia (autor) Homesickness between Ailment and Poetry: The Romanian Soldiers in the Habsburg Army Studies 121-135 engleză
COVACI, Diana (autor) The Professionalization of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Clergy in Transylvania during the Modern Period: Theoretical Approaches Studies 136-144 engleză
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INEOAN, Emanuil (autor) Romania and Balkan Geopolitics at the Beginning of the 20th Century Studies 176-190 englez
SAVU GRUIȚĂ, Ioana (autor) On the Creation of Painter Octavian Smigelschi Towards a Reassessment of Landscape Studies 191-215 engleză
VIRAG, Paula (autor) The Italian Front in the Vision of the Artist Aurel Popp from Satu Mare Studies 216-225 engleză
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WELLMANN, Laszlo (autor) 1975. A Comprehensive Meeting Concerning the Romanian-Hungarian Cultural Relations Studies 261-270 engleză