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VIZAUER, Victor (autor) Sobriquet or Personal Name? The Problem of Nicknames in Transylvania during the 12th-13th Centuries Studies 7-17 engleză
HASAN MIHAI, Florin (autor) On the Idea of Poverty in the Western Middle Ages [12th-15th Centuries] Studies 18-28 engleză
MUNTEANU, Claudiu (autor) , TOMA, Corina (autor) 16th-Century Coin Hoards Discovered at Armeni and Vurpăr (Sibiu County) Studies 29-43 engleză
MITU, Melinda (autor) Cultural Relations between Wallachia and Transylvania in the Age of Matei Basarab and Rákóczy Princes Studies 44-54 engleză
DORNER, Anton (autor) Princely Power and the Officially Recognized Confessions in Transylvania during the Reign of Michael I Apafi Studies 55-67 engleză
VÁRADI, Éva - Andrea (autor) The Settlement of the Piarist Order in Cluj Studies 55-67 engleză
VIRAG, Paula (autor) Horea – Rex Daciae‖ – Considerations on the Numismatic Symbols of the Peasants‘ Uprising of 1784-1785 Studies 81-89 engleză
BÎRLEA, Eugenia (autor) The Recruitment of Soldiers in the Habsburg Army in the 18th Century Studies 90-105 engleză
POPA, Andrei (autor) , SONOC, Alexandru (autor) Some Paintings from the Collection of the Brukenthal National Museum Sibiu and the relation with two Habsburg Coronation Medals Studies 106-132 engleză
INEOAN, Emanuil (autor) Historiographical Disputes about the Aromanian Problem (19th-20th Centuries) Studies 133-148 engleză
MUNTEAN, Ovidiu (autor) Pages from the Memoirs of the Romanian Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I. Mihai But - Letter of Remembrance 1914-1915 Studies 149-189 engleză
SEVERINI, Marco (autor) Il Lungo Centenario: La Prima Guerra Mondiale Studies 190-205 italiană
TURCUȘ, Veronica (autor) The Iron Guard and a Plot for the Kidnapping of Prince Michael in Italy (1934) Studies 206-213 engleză
TURCUȘ, Șerban (autor) A Report of the Italian Legation in Bucharest (4 October 1948) Concerning the Situation of the Greek Catholics in Romania Studies 214-222 engleză
BULBUC, Adriana (autor) Fans. The Restoration of an Eighteenth-Century Fan Made of Paper and Ivory Spokes Restoration 223-235 engleză
BONȚA, Claudia (autor) The Restoration of a Corner Stove Tile Restoration 236-243 engleză
BOCȘE, Ligia (autor) The Restoration and Conservation of a Camera Restoration 244-252 engleză
Contributors Restoration 253-255 engleză