Restaurarea unor căiţe săseşti

  • Subiect: The restoration was made on a sheepskin which was realized at the beginning of the 20th century belongs to the Oltenia 's Museum in Craiova. lt is made from sheep skin dressed traditionally with fur, embroidery from wool wires, copper spang/e, panels from astrakhan skin on edges, three wool tassels in front, gores and woo/ cords on edges. The complexity of the factors which act in time on this piece produced: the ageing of the skin, consequences of a biological attack, losing material, the detached embroidery and spangles with corrosion products. The restoration begins with the pest control in polyethylene sac with "Filif 72", than follows mechanical cleanings with solvent "Neopal", hydration, consolidation, fasten and adhere with mixture of natural and synthetic adhesives. The filing of missing areas (edges) is made with astrakhan skins which was given and attenuated like the original skin. For the restoration of the embroidery it is used wool wires and it was consolidated as it was made a fasten using the embroidery point "brick point". As a resuit, the abasement of the embroidery is stopped. The cleaning of the spangles was made with a pen from glass fibers and for the protection was used "Paraloid 872". After the restoration, the piece is kept respecting some conditions like the climate (temperature: 18-20°C, humidity: 55-60%) and it is introduced in a bonnet aware of dust and light. Lt will be periodically checked and aerated.
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