Medieval settlement on the site of Crvenka near Crsac

  • Subiect: „The site of Crvenka is situated north of Vršac, at about 2. 5 km from the last houses of the town. It spreads east from the road to Vatin (Fig. 1). Together with Ludoš and At, it forms a high loess ridge spreading from Veliko Središte and Mali Žam. This loess hill represents a watershed between Great and Small boglands of Vršac belonging to the great depression of Alibunar and Vršac1 . Melioration works which, in the surroundings of Vršac, started as early as in the middle of the 18th century have completely changed the aspect of this region. Prior to these works, the space between Deliblatska peščara and mounts of Vršac was a large surface covered by the water, well-known in the Middle Ages as Igan swamp and later also as the Swamp of Alibunar2 . During the periods when the level of the rivers Tamiš, Brzava and their conluents was raising, this region used to be looded, and the tops of loess ridges were the only parts which stayed out of the reach of the water, and that is exactly where permanent settlements were created. ”
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