O viziune realistă asupra muzeului contemporan / A realistic vision of the contemporary museum

  • Subiect: The contemporary museum is in a perpetual process of change. The modifications that it undergoes at the beginning of the twenty-first century do not only refer to the external characteristics of the institution, to a growth in the number of museums, to the appearance of new types of museums, of new profiles, but also to the very essence of the museum and its activity as a scientific and cultural-educational institution. In the conservative museum society of Moldova, as well as in that of Romania, museum pedagogy, both as a scientific discipline and as a practical activity, which sees the museum as an educational-instructive system, is very hard to establish and promote. This is caused by a certain lack of civic spirit, by the inertia of the museum staff and the lack of professional educators. In order to develop the Moldavian museum it is necessary to elaborate a cultural policy whose top priority should not only be the preservation of the cultural and historical legacy of the Republic, but also using this legacy to consolidate the Moldavian society and to create a unique cultural space. Only then will we be able to preserve our national museum and to join the European museum system because, in spite of a certain specific evolution of Moldavian museums, the developing tendencies of museums are general for the whole international museum community
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2012
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