Un inel sigilar de secol XVI care a aparţinut logofătului Nicula / 16"' century signet ring which belonged to logothete Nicula

  • Subiect: The aim of this paper is to present a signet ring, found in April 2014 in the forest area near the Răsuceni village, which is at the present moment a part of the collections of the National History Museum of Romanian. The structure of the paper is divided in three sections: in the first section is presented the finding context of the artefact which is not so rich, the ring being found with a metal detector in an isolated area, the second section is dedicated to the description of the ring and a short comparison with similar items, while the third part focuses on the logothete named Nicola and a hypothesis regarding his possible identity, according to the sixteenth century documents.
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  • Vezi publicația: Muzeul Naţional
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2016
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  • Paginaţia: 23-32
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