Emisiuni monetare de la Mihail Radu păstrate în colecţia „Maria şi dr. George Severeanu”

  • Subiect: Issues of Mihail Radu kept within the “Maria and dr. George Severeanu” collection. The author presents a group of nine Wallachian coins, issued under the reign of Mihail Radu (1658-1659), also known as Mihnea III. All of them are held within the “Maria and dr. George Severeanu” collection. On this occasion, the author makes a brief presentation of the structure of the collection mentioned above, focusing on the coins of medieval Wallachia. The discussion on coins issued by Mihnea III begins with a general description of the specimens from the collection and continues with a presentation of the current state of research on the emitted coins by this ruler. Also, there are some theories about the places where those monetary mints would have worked. Whilst there are some issues observed on the inventory of Severanu’s collection, one advanced hypothesis is that the nine coins submitted were part of a coin hoard acquired and published by dr. Severeanu in 1923, whose place of origin was not known to him. To complete the structure of this article, the author presents some general data on monetary circulation in Wallachia between the end of Mircea I’s (1386-1418) reign and the early reign of Mihail Radu.
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