Consideraţii privind un posibil depozit monetar de secol XII de la Mogoşeşti, judeţul Olt

  • Subiect: Considerations on a Possible 12th Century Monetary Deposit from Mogoşeşti, Olt County In the numismatic collection of the Argeş County Museum are registered a number of eight Hungarian coins from the 12th century that have Stephen II the issuer on. Two of these coins were published by Bucur Mitrea, in „Studies and Numismatic Research", vol. IV, of 1968, provided that they come from a fortuitous discovery performed in the village of Mogoşeşti, Olt County. Although Hungarian dinars of the XII-th century rarely occur at South of the Carpathians, the findings being few in number, their origin in this area may be made on account of a booty of war as a result of the Transilvanian expedition, carried out between the years 1161 and 1166 by the Byzantine troops led by Leon Vtatzes and Ioan Ducas. Taking into account of the present monetary type and the way of recording the pieces in the collection, is nat excluded the possibility for all eight coins to come from a single hoard found in Mogoşeşti, Olt County.
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