Lăzile săseşti din Transilvania

  • Subiect: This study The Saxon Dower Chests in Transylvania aims to present the Saxon chests, with focus on their types, way of usage and the adjustments made for the Transylvanian territory. Our intention is nat to present the individual history of each type of chest, but to offer information about some types of Saxon chests that travelled on Transylvanian roads,filled with clothes or textile rolls, books or important documents kept under key, or even filled with grains or other things known only by travellers or owners. ln the oral history they speak only of the grandmother's dower chest, but in the ancient times the term chest is always associated with al! kind of types of chests:for grains,for neighbourhood,for guild or for church, which were used by the Transylvanian Saxons until they emigrated in Germany.
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