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articol de periodic CYVIN, S.J. (autor) , BRUNVOLI, J. (autor) , CYVIN, B.N. (autor) Enumeration and classification of coronoid hydrocarbons. Part 12 313-332
articol de periodic GLUZ, E.B. (autor) , KLETSKY, M.E. (autor) , MINYAEV, R.M. (autor) Electronic and geometrical structure of 10 -electron systems: cyclooctatetraene dianion and its heteroatomic analogs 333-339
articol de periodic KLETSKY, M.E. (autor) , GLUZ, E.B. (autor) , BIRYUKOV, V. (autor) , MINYAEV, R.M. (autor) Electronic and geometrical structure of six-membered electron redundant systems 341-352
articol de periodic KING, R.B. (autor) Metal cluster topology. 12. Nickel carbonyl clusters 353-362
articol de periodic MEKENYAN, O. (autor) , BONCHEV, D. (autor) , DIMITROV, D. (autor) Information-theoretic approach to the aromaticity of chemical compounds based on superdelocalizability indices 363-377
articol de periodic GUTMAN, Ivan (autor) Topological properties of benzenoid systems. Merrifield-simmons indices and independence polynomials of unbranched catafusenes 379-388
articol de periodic IVANUSEVIC, Milan (autor) , NIKOLIC, Sonja (autor) , TRINAJSTIC, Nenad (autor) A QSAR study of antidotal activity of H-oximes 389-398
articol de periodic MOȚOC, Ioan (autor) , POLANSKY, Oskar (autor) The effect of molecular topology on -molecular orbital energies of pyridazine , pyrimidine and pyrazine topomer triple 399-410
articol de periodic MURGULESCU, Ilie (autor) , SĂLĂGEANU, Eugenia (autor) The estimation of thermodynamic properties of fused silver haides 411-416
articol de periodic WEINBERG, Josette (autor) , DONESCU, Alexandrina (autor) , SAHINI, Victor (autor) , COJOCARU, M. (autor) Beta-lactam antibiotics III. Electronic structure and physIc-chemical properties of some antibiotic molecules and their intermediates 417-420
articol de periodic VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) , GĂINAR, I. (autor) , ANIȚESCU, Gheorghe (autor) , PERIȘANU, Ștefan (autor) A physical method for determining the solubility of gases in liquids at high pressures 421-427
articol de periodic BUDRUGEAC, P. (autor) , SEGAL, Eugen (autor) Derivatographic investigation of the compound AVA submitted to thermal accelerated ageing. Thermooxidative oxidation of the compound EVA 429-433
articol de periodic CONTINEANU, Iulia (autor) , WAGNER, Luminița (autor) , ALEXANDRU, Tatiana (autor) , MARCHIDAN, Dumitru (autor) The enthalpies of combustion and formation of 5-nitro-benzimidazol-2-one: 5-amino-benzimidazol-2-one and 5-acetoacetyl-amino-benzimidazol-2-one 435-438
articol de periodic DUCA, Alexandru (autor) , BEJAN, Doina (autor) Cyclic voltammetry of p-phenylendiamine 439-453
articol de periodic KACSO, Iren (autor) , BARAS-DIUDEA, Angela (autor) , DIUDEA, Mircea (autor) Molecular topology. 10. Fragmentation of molecular graphs within x(RANDIC,(75Ran)) and Y(90Diu1)topological indices 455-463
articol de periodic GOGONEA, V. (autor) , CIUBOTARIU, D. (autor) , DERETEY, E. (autor) , POPESCU, M. (autor) , IORGA, I. (autor) , MEDELEANU, Mihai (autor) Surface area of organic molecules: a new method of computation 465-471
articol de periodic KURINCZI, Ludovic (autor) , VÎLCEANU, Radu (autor) , SIMON, Zeno (autor) DEL RE calculation for dipole moments of phosphorus compounds. Parametrization and results 473-480
articol de periodic BRAUN, Tibor. (autor) , ZSINDELY, S. (autor) Trends and tendencies in intrumental analytical techniques with special emphasis on environmental analysis 481-506
articol de periodic LINERT, Wolfgang (autor) , GUTMANN, Viktor (autor) , TAHA, Ali (autor) , EL, Maraghy (autor) Studies on chromotropic nickel(II)-complexes 507-517
articol de periodic SPACU, Petru (autor) , PATRON, Luminița (autor) , PLOȘTINARU, Silvia (autor) , BUTUCELEA, Alexandru (autor) Complex compounds as raw materials for mixed oxides. VIII. Complex compounds of lanthanoids with Ba(II) and Cu(II) with malic acid 519-526
articol de periodic HAIDUC, Ionel (autor) , SILAGHI-DIMITRESCU, Ioan (autor) The richness of structures avalable to P2N2 inorganic heterocycles. A topological and molecular orbitaL (ehmo) analysis 527-544
articol de periodic BREZEANU, Maria (autor) , PATRON, Luminița (autor) , CARP, Oana (autor) , ANDRUH, Marius (autor) , STĂNICĂ, Nicolae (autor) Coordination compounds as raw materials for spinelic oxides 545-550
articol de periodic MUTIHAC, Lucia (autor) , MUTIHAC, Radu (autor) , LUCA, Constantin (autor) Mathematical modelling of ion pair carrier mediated transport through liquid membranes 561-561
articol de periodic MAKOSZA, Mieczyslaw (autor) , WROBEL, Zbigniew (autor) Vilsmeyer-haack reaction of nitrobenzylic sulfones and nitriles 563-466
articol de periodic OLAH, George (autor) , QI, Wang (autor) , KRASS, Norbert (autor) , SURYA, Prakash (autor) Oxyfunctionalization of hydrocarbons. 16 Electrophilic hydroxylation and oxygenation of hydrocarbons with sodium percarbonate/trifluoromethanesulfonic acid 567-571
articol de periodic KATRITZKY, Alain (autor) , BRZEZINSKI, Jacek (autor) , LAM, Jamshed (autor) I-cyanobenzotriazole: a safe and convenient source of +CN* 573-580
articol de periodic BARONE, Rene (autor) , ARBELOT, Michel (autor) , BALDY, Andre (autor) , CHANON, Michel (autor) , GALLO, Roger (autor) Rene(Reaction geNErator): a program to propose new reactions by construction of isomers and related reactive sets of simple functionalized compounds. Application to acids and esters 581-598
articol de periodic SCHMITZ, Ernst (autor) , KOZAKIEWICZ, Gisela (autor) Formation of an &-lactone 601-600
articol de periodic NEIDELEIN, Richard (autor) , SUI, Thinua (autor) , KRAMER, Walter (autor) , BOESE, Roland (autor) Synthesis and structure analysis of 4-quinazolone derivatives from alkyl dicyanoacetates 601-611
articol de periodic ROUSSEL, Christian (autor) , RAJOHARISON, Harivelo (autor) , METZGLER, Jacques (autor) Acylation d'alcenes dans le systeme acylant acide trifluoromethanesulfonique-halogenure d+acide 613-618
articol de periodic EL-BARBARY, A.A. (autor) , PAHMY, M. (autor) , EL-BADAWI, M. (autor) , EL-BREMBALY, K. (autor) , EL-BROLLOSI, N. (autor) Studies on 4-amino-5-aryl-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiones 619-627
articol de periodic ACERETE, Carmen (autor) , BANON, Maria (autor) , CABILDO, Pilar (autor) , CLARAMUNT, Rosa (autor) , ELGUERO, Jose (autor) , LAVANDERA, Jose (autor) Basicity-structure relationships in bisazolylmethanes and -ethanes 629-633
articol de periodic NISHITANI, Shinji (autor) , BODOR, Nicholas (autor) Polymer supported 1-benzyl-1,2-dihydroiso-nicotinamides as reducing agents 635-645
articol de periodic BREWSTER, Marcus (autor) , MUNG-JU, Huang (autor) , KAMINSKI, James (autor) , POP, Emil (autor) , BODOR, Nicholas (autor) Use of semiempirical molecular orbital parameters to probe dihydropyridine stability-implications to brain-targeting chemical delivery systems 647-656
articol de periodic CAPROȘU, Maria (autor) , ȘTEFĂNESCU, Eugenia (autor) , UNGUREANU, Margareta (autor) , PETROVANU, Magda (autor) Nouveaux derives pyridaziniques et phtalaziniques doues d+activite physiologique 657-663
articol de periodic MAGER, Sorin (autor) , CRISTEA, I. (autor) , CRĂCIUN, Liliana (autor) , IRIMIE, F. (autor) , DIUNEA, M. (autor) New aminopyrimidinonic derivatives with potential biological activity 665-670
articol de periodic BANCIU, Mircea (autor) , HADA, Cătălina (autor) , STĂNESCU, Michaela (autor) , CHIRALEU, Filip (autor) , CIORĂNESCU, Ecaterina (autor) Heterocycles with abbelated dibenzocycloalkane sekeletons. VI. Six membered heterocycles with annelated 7H-dibenzo(a,C)cycloheptene skeletons 671-681
articol de periodic POPESCU, Angela (autor) , PÎRVULESCU, Luminița (autor) , MEHEDINȚEANU, Laurențiu (autor) , PLĂVEȚI, Marieta (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Gheorghe (autor) , TURDIBEBOK, K.M. (autor) , STRUCHKOV, Y. (autor) Synthesis of 1&, 2&-5,9-methano-5H-benzo(3,4)cyclobuta(1,2)cycloheptene derivatives. Molecular and crystal structure of 7-chloro-8-keto-16,26-5,9-methano-5H-benzo(3,4)cyclobuta(1,2)cycloheptene 683-691
articol de periodic ROȘCA, Sînziana (autor) , CHIRALEU, Filip (autor) , ROȘCA, Sorin (autor) Electrophilic aromatic substituion in arene-tricarbonyl-chromium complexes 693-705
articol de periodic POPESCU, Angela (autor) , MATEI, Irina (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , TURDIBEKOV, K.M. (autor) , STRUCHKOV, Y. (autor) The synthesis of 8-substituted compound of 7-H and 7 chloro-11beta,2beta-5,9-methano-5H-benzo(3,4)cyclobuta(1,2)cycloheptenes. Molecular and crystal structure of 7,8&-dibromo-1beta,2beta-5,9-methano-5H-benzo(3,4)cyclobuta(1,2)cycloheptene 707-714
articol de periodic STOICESCU, Dan (autor) , MAIOR, Ovidiu (autor) Phenoxatiin chemistry, synthesis of pyrido(2,3-b)phenoxatiin 715-719
articol de periodic SCUTARU, D. (autor) , MAZILU, I. (autor) , VĂȚĂ, M. (autor) , TĂTARU, Lucia (autor) , LIXANDRU, Tatiana (autor) , BĂRBOIU, V. (autor) Funktionsderivative einiger mit ferrocen S-modifizierten thioglykolsauren 721-726
articol de periodic ANDRUH, Marius (autor) , CRISTUREAN, Elena (autor) , ȘTEFAN, Raluca (autor) , SUPURAN, Claudiu (autor) Carbonic arhydrase inhibitors. 6.Novel cooedination compounds of Pd(II), Pt(II) and Ni(II) with 6-ethoxy-benzothiazole-2-sulfononamide 727-732
articol de periodic STĂNCIUC, Gabriela (autor) , CĂPROIU, M. (autor) , CARAGHEORGHEOPOL, Agneta (autor) , CĂLDĂRARU, H. (autor) Preparation and EPR spectra of capto-dative n-alkoxy-2,6-dinitro-&,&,&-trifluoro-p-tolyl-aminyls 733-739
articol de periodic POPESCU, Monica (autor) , ANREESCU, Remus (autor) , STĂNESCU, Silvia (autor) , BRPGĂREA, Ștefan (autor) , JECU, Luiza (autor) An estimation of the possibilities for obtaining carotenoid and chlorophyl-derived pigments from vegetal raw materials 741-748
articol de periodic IOAN, Silvia (autor) , BERCEA, Maria (autor) , SIMIONESCU, Bogdan (autor) Flexibility parameter of high molecular weight polymers. 2. Polystyrene in solvent-nonsolvent mixtures 749-755
articol de periodic DIMONIE, Mihai (autor) , MARINESCU, Nicolae (autor) , VASILESCU, D. (autor) Radical polymerization of acrylamide in homogenous and heterogenous systems. II. Emulsifier aggregates is organic media 757-760
articol de periodic POPA, Marcel (autor) , VASILIU, OPREA (autor) Mechanochemical reactions at the spinning from solution of the acrylonitrile - vinyl acetate - methyl styrene based ternary copolymer 761-770
articol de periodic TUDOSE, Radu (autor) , MERICĂ, Ecaterina (autor) , MĂMĂLIGĂ, Ioan (autor) , PETRUȘ, O. (autor) Study on mass transfer in thin film flow of suspensions 771-781
articol de periodic MIHĂILESCU, Camelia (autor) , BULACOVSCHI, V. (autor) , SIMIONESCU, Cristofor (autor) Phase transfer free radical reactions. V. Copolymerization of methyl methacrylate with styrene under phase transfer conditions 783-788
articol de periodic JINESCU, Gheorghița (autor) , LAVRIC, Vasile (autor) The multistage immobilised living yeast cells bioreactors 789-796
articol de periodic JINESCU, Valeriu (autor) The degradation of matter 797-808
articol de periodic IONESCU, Niculae (autor) , CHIRCA, M. (autor) , MARCHIDAN, Dumitru (autor) The catalytic oxidation of methanol in oscillatory regime 809-818
articol de periodic BOLCAN, Ion (autor) , CUIBAN, Flavian (autor) Thermal decomposition of propylene 819-828
articol de periodic VASS, Mihai (autor) , BALINT, Ioan (autor) Oxidative coupling of methane. The influence of reactant diffusion on the reaction 829-842