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articol de periodic MOMÎRLAN, Magdalena (autor) , PINCOVSCHI, Eugen (autor) Oxidation of the titanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V in air and oxygen 845-850
articol de periodic LĂZĂRESCU, Valentina (autor) , VASS, Mihai (autor) Oxygen interaction with silver-gold alloy films 851-858
articol de periodic ȘCHIOPESCU, Alexandra (autor) , ALBU, Anca (autor) Ferrate(VI) ion employed in preparation of some salts of the tetralutidinic complex combinations of nickel(II) and cobalt(II) 859-862
articol de periodic DUCA, Alexandru (autor) , GĂBURICI, Maria (autor) , BEJAN, Doina (autor) Polarography of cysteine, cystine and thiourea with various electrodes (DME,ME,MFE) 863-876
articol de periodic COCÎRLĂ, I. (autor) , ȚĂRANU, Lucian (autor) , VÎȚĂ, M. (autor) , SCUTARU, D. (autor) , MAZILU, I. (autor) , WAGNER, Luminița (autor) , PETRESCU, Camelia (autor) Absorption electronic spectra and reactivity of some as-naphthols 877-881
articol de periodic MATEESCU, A. (autor) , MATEESCU, Cornelia (autor) , TEODORESCU, V. (autor) , NISTOR, L. (autor) The influence of Cl=4 ions upon the electrochemical system Pb/H2SO4/pbO2 883-899
articol de periodic ABBASI, A. (autor) Atomic absorption spectrometric determination of manganese in natural waters and industrial effluents after extractive separation of its ternary complex with n-phenyl-2-furohydroxamic acid and trylmethylammonium cation in MIBK 901-906
articol de periodic BANCIU, Mircea (autor) , POP, Mircea (autor) , PETRIDE, Aurica (autor) , STĂNESCU, Michaela (autor) Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of dibenzo (c,g) tricyclo(,5)deca-3,7,9-triene (tribenzo-nenizescu+s hydrocarbon) 907-915
articol de periodic DUMITRAȘCU, Florea (autor) , PLĂVEȚI, Marieta (autor) , RĂILEANU, Dan (autor) New convenient methods for the synthesis of 1,2-dihydro-3H-indazol-3-one and its 1-ycyl derivatives 917-923
articol de periodic GUNAYDIN, Keriman (autor) The synthesis of some 1-naphthylcycloalka-nols and 1-nanophthylcycloalkenes 925-929
articol de periodic CONTINEANU, Mihai (autor) On intermediates involved in thermal decomposition of azibenzyl. Part I 931-936
articol de periodic SUPURAN, Claudiu (autor) , DINCULESCU, Antonie (autor) , MANOLE, Gheorghe (autor) , SAVAN, Florina (autor) , PUDCAS, Ioan (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Carbonic anhydrase activators. Part. 2. Amino acids and some of their derivatives may act as potent enzyme activators 937-946
articol de periodic DUMITRIU, Severian (autor) , DUMITRIU, Maria (autor) Bioactive polymers. 69. Cross-linked xanthan as drug-carrier matrices 947-964
articol de periodic SLANINA, Zdenek (autor) , UHLIK, Filip (autor) , ZERNER, Michael (autor) C5H3+ isomeric structures: relative stabilities at high temperatures 965-974
articol de periodic DIUNEA, Mircea (autor) , SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU, Ioan (autor) Molecular topology. 2. A computer program for multiple bond cyclece and radical aproximations of DS Index 975-982
articol de periodic JITARIU, Ioana (autor) , GURAN, Cornelia (autor) , BICHER, Mariana (autor) Zinc chromite obtained from a residual chromium acetate solution 983-985
articol de periodic SILVESTRU, Cristian (autor) Methods of Organic Chemistry - Klamann D. 987-987