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articol de periodic CASADO, Roberto (autor) , MICU, Octavian (autor) , SCARDIGLI, Fabio (autor) Horizon wave-function: from particles to black holes 923-934
articol de periodic JORA, Renata (autor) About the mass corrections in an abelian higgs model 935-942
articol de periodic COLLINS, Tishara (autor) , KARA, Abdul (autor) , BHRAWY, Ali (autor) , TRIKI, Houria (autor) , BISWAS, Anjan (autor) Dynamics of shallow water waves with logarithmic nonlinearity 943-961
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, I. (autor) Finite element-homotopy analysis for nonlinear Poisson equation 962-978
articol de periodic ENE, H. (autor) , TIMOFTE, C. (autor) Homogenization results for a dynamic coupled thermoelasticity problem 979-989
articol de periodic SABARI, S. (autor) , PORSEZIAN, K. (autor) , MURUGANANDAM, P. (autor) Study on the stabilization of attractive Bose-Einstein condensates using projection operator method 990-1003
articol de periodic BUGOI, R. (autor) , POLL, I. (autor) , MĂNUCU-ADAMEȘTEANU, Gheorghe (autor) Compositional analyses of Isaccea mosaic glass tesswrae (11th century AD) 1004-1014
articol de periodic LAZANU, S. (autor) , LAZANU, I. (autor) Model of energy echange through electron-phonon coupling during transient phenomena in materials for detectors 1015-1023
articol de periodic GIUBEGA, G. (autor) , VIȘAN, I. (autor) , TUDORA, A. (autor) Even-ODD effects in prompt emission in fission induced by the charge polarization 1024-1934
articol de periodic GAUTAM, Manjeet (autor) Evidence of entrance channel mass asymmetry effects in formation of 240-98Cf - nucleus and energy dependent woods-Saxon potential 1035-1047
articol de periodic TUCA, C. (autor) , STOICHIOIU, A. (autor) , GURĂU, D. (autor) Analysis of radionuclides inventory contained in liquid effluents resulted from decommissining of VVR -S nuclear research reactor 1048-1059
articol de periodic RISTEA, C. (autor) , JIPA, A. (autor) , RISTEA, O. (autor) , LAZANU, I. (autor) , BEȘLIU, C. (autor) , EȘANU, T. (autor) , CĂLIN, M. (autor) , TUTURAȘ, N. (autor) , BABAN, V. (autor) , ARGINTARU, D. (autor) Hydrodynamic flow and pfase transitions in relativistic nuclear collisons reflected by Hubble type fireball evolution 1060-1068
articol de periodic BURSIK, J. (autor) , BURSIKOVA, V. (autor) , SOUCEK, P. (autor) , ZABRANSKY, L. (autor) , VASINA, P. (autor) Nanostructured Mo-B-C coatings 1069-1075
articol de periodic VLĂDOIU, R. (autor) , MANDES, A. (autor) , DINCA, V. (autor) , PRODAN, G. (autor) , CIUPINA, V. (autor) Synthesis of reinforced magnesium embedded in carbon matrix by using thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) technology 1076-1084
articol de periodic NECULAE, Adrian (autor) , BUNOIU, Mădălin (autor) , LUNGU, Antianeta (autor) , LUNGU, Mihai (autor) Filtration of flue gas by retaining of nanoparticles in microfluidic devices using dielectrophoresis 1085-1096
articol de periodic BRÎNCOVEANU, O. (autor) , IOANID, A. (autor) , IFTIMIE, S. (autor) , ANTOHE (autor) Influence of the Pedot-PSS layer on the performance of the photovoltaic devices 1097-1107
articol de periodic MĂRĂSCU, V. (autor) , VIZIREANU, S. (autor) , STOICA, S.D. (autor) , BARNA, V. (autor) , LAZEA-STOYANOVA, A. (autor) , DINESCU, G. (autor) FTIR investigation of the ageing process of carbon nanowalls 1108-1114
articol de periodic BADIȚĂ, C. (autor) , ARAGHEL, D. (autor) , RĂDULESCU, A. (autor) , ANITAS, E. (autor) Investigation of multilevel structure of low viscosity sodium alginate by small-angle neutron scattering 1115-1122
articol de periodic TĂNASE, Alina (autor) , DUMITRACHE, M. (autor) , FLOREA, O. (autor) 3D conformational interstitial brachytherapy planning for soft tissue sarcoma 1123-1129
articol de periodic DUMITRACHE, M. (autor) , TĂNASE, Alina (autor) Gamma dose distribution evaluation of XiO treatment planning system for static field IMRT, using AAPM TG-119 1130-1139
articol de periodic PETRUȘ, M. (autor) , BRATU, A. (autor) Breath ammonia detection in patients with schizoprenia using laser photoacoustiv spectroscopy 1140-1148
articol de periodic POPA, C. (autor) , ALBU, M. (autor) , BARTHA, C. (autor) , CISTESTESCU, A. (autor) , LUCULESCU, C. (autor) , TRUȘCĂ, R. (autor) , ANTOHE (autor) Structural characterization and optical properties of hydroxyapatite/colagen matrix 1149-1158
articol de periodic BACALUM, M. (autor) , ZORILĂ, B. (autor) , RADU, M. (autor) Investigating the anticancer activity of some cationic antimicrobial peptides in epithelial tumior cells 1159-1169
articol de periodic POPA, C. (autor) , CIOBANU, C. (autor) Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent hydroxyapatite 1170-1177
articol de periodic SCHIPOR, Sorina (autor) , VLĂDOIU, Suzana (autor) , BACIU, Ancuța (autor) , NICULESCU, Ana (autor) , CARAGHEOPOL, Andra (autor) , IANCU, Iulia (autor) , PLEȘA, Adriana (autor) , POPESCU, A. (autor) , MANDA, Dana (autor) A comparative analysis of three methods used for RNA quantitation 1178-1188
articol de periodic PASCU, R. (autor) , EPURESCU, G. (autor) , MOLDOVAN, A. (autor) , BIRJEGA, R. (autor) , LUCULESCU, C. (autor) , COLCEAG, D. (autor) , DINESCU, Maria (autor) Optical and structural characterization of YSZ thin fuilms deposited by eximer laser ablation for planar potentiometric oxygen sensors applications 1189-1196
articol de periodic POMPILIAN, O. (autor) , DINCA, P. (autor) , POROȘNICU, C. (autor) , LUNGU, C. (autor) , CHIRU, P. (autor) , BUTOI, B. (autor) , JEPU, I. (autor) Study on UV-visible emission plasmas with applications in photodynaqmic therapy and surface treatment against biological contaminants 1197-1207
articol de periodic PINTILIE, Violeta (autor) , ENE, Antoaneta (autor) , GEORGESCU, Lucian (autor) , MORARU, Luminița (autor) , ITICESCU, Catălina (autor) Measurements of gross alpha and beta activity in drinking water from Galați region, Romania 1208-1220
articol de periodic DULAMĂ, Ioana (autor) , CHELĂRESCU, Elena (autor) , DULIU, O. (autor) Heavy metal contents Brassica oleracea as bioindicators determined by XRF and aas analytical methods 1221-1226
articol de periodic BARBU, Nicu (autor) , ȘTEFAN, Sabina (autor) , GEORGESCU, Florinela (autor) Selecting of spatial domain size for air circulation types oves Romania in connection to climatological parameters 1227-1239
articol de periodic PLĂCINTĂ, A. (autor) , POPESCU, Emilia (autor) , BORLEANU, F. (autor) , RADULIAN, Mircea (autor) , POPA, M. (autor) Analysis of source properties for the earthquake sequences in the south-western Carpathians (Romania) 1240-1258
articol de periodic IANCU, Cristina (autor) , CHILOM, Claudia (autor) Discovering photosynthesis by experiments 1259-1269
articol de periodic CZIPROK, Claudia (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) , POPESCU, F. (autor) Simple experimentals for high school using a dispay interface and a system of coupled pendulums 1270-1280
articol de periodic GRIGORE, I. (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) , BARNA, E. (autor) The study of the transient regime in electronic circuits with excel spreadsheets 1281-1295
articol de periodic MARCIUC, Daly (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) , BARBA, E. (autor) Using geogebra software in the teaching of oscilatory motions 1296-1311
articol de periodic OPREA, M. (autor) , MIRON, Cristina (autor) Physics experiments based on the data acquisition the longitudinal acoustic doppler effect 1312-1325
articol de periodic ȚURCANU, Daniel (autor) , NICOLA, Iulian (autor) , PRISECARU, Tudor (autor) , PREDOI, Cristian (autor) The natural frequencies characteristics of a mechanical system using modal analysis 1326-1332