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articol de periodic CHEN, Hao (autor) , XHEN, Wenwen (autor) Rational solutions to a system of coupled partial differential equations 111
articol de periodic CONSTANTINESCU, Radu (autor) New solutions of Dodd-Bullough-Mikhailov equation by using an improved tanh-method 112
articol de periodic YANG, XiaoJun (autor) , GAO, Feng (autor) , SRIVASTAVA, H.M. (autor) New rheological models within local fractional derivative 113
articol de periodic LIU, Wei (autor) Rogue waves of the (3+1)-dimensional potential Yu-Toda-Sasa-Fukuyama equations 114
articol de periodic KRASTEVA, A. (autor) , GATEVA, S. (autor) , SARGSYAN, A. (autor) , SARKISYAN, D. (autor) , CARTALEVA, S. (autor) Sub-natural-width N-resonances pbserved in large frequency interval 202
articol de periodic ATTARZADEH, A. (autor) , TAHMASEBI, Bitgani (autor) , MOHAMMADI, S. (autor) , PARVARESH, P. (autor) Determination half-life of heavy nuclei using Fermi gas model 203
articol de periodic CONSORTINI, Anna (autor) Advances by using computers and last generation optics devices in experiments and demontrations 410
articol de periodic VELICU, I. (autor) , MIHALCA, Ioan (autor) , POPA, G. (autor) Operating the HIPIMS discharge with ultra -short pulses: a solution to overcome the deposition rate limitation 411
articol de periodic IASENIUC, O. (autor) , IOVU, M. (autor) Steady-state photoconductivity of amorphous (As4S3Se)1-xSnx and GexAsxSe1-2x thin films 505
articol de periodic TRINCĂ, L. (autor) , BEȘLEAGĂ, C. (autor) , STANCU, V. (autor) , RADU, R. (autor) , IUGA, A. (autor) , BONI, A. (autor) , GÎLCĂ, A. (autor) , PINTILIE, L. (autor) Temperature influence on the capacitance-voltage hysteresis of transparent a-IGZO/PZT/FTO MFS-heterostructure 506
articol de periodic CONDURACHE-BOTA, S. (autor) , ȚIGĂU, N. (autor) , PRAISLER, M. (autor) , PRODAN, G. (autor) , GAVRILĂ, R. (autor) Near-infrared energy bandgap bismuth oxide thin films and their in-depth morpho-structural and optical analysis 507
articol de periodic TEMELIE, M. (autor) , MUSTĂCIOSU, C. (autor) , FLONTA, M. (autor) , SAVU, D. (autor) Cellular differentiation exacerbates radiation sensivity in vitro in a human dopaminergic neuronal model 611
articol de periodic STOCHIOIU, A. (autor) , TUCĂ, C. (autor) , DEJU, R. (autor) , MIHAI, F. (autor) Radiological risk assessment of workers for radioactive liquid effluents travers 707
articol de periodic RĂCUCIU, Mihaela (autor) , OLOȘUTEAN, H. (autor) Magnetic environmental pollution: experimental simulation of engineered magnetic nanoparticles impact on Zea mays vegetal embryos 708
articol de periodic TOADER, Victorin (autor) , MOLDOVAN, Iren (autor) , MĂRMUREANU, Alexandru (autor) , DUTTA, Pushan (autor) , PARTHENIU, Raluca (autor) , NĂSTASE, Eduard (autor) Monitoring of radon and air ionization in seismic area 709
articol de periodic ANGHELIȚĂ, L. (autor) , RADVAN, R. (autor) 3D digitization of an antique decorative textile artifact using photogrammetry 801
articol de periodic RASTEGIN, A.E. (autor) On elementary derivation of Green's function of wave equation 903
articol de periodic ȘTEFAN, R. (autor) , CHECHE, T. (autor) Coin tos modeling 904