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articol de periodic MIHALACHE, Dumitru (autor) , TRUȚĂ, N. (autor) Direct integrability-checking scheme for the higher-order nonlinear schrodinger equation 651-659
articol de periodic BIZDATEA, C. (autor) , SALIU, S. (autor) Hamiltonian BRST quantization of "irreducible" free p-forms 661-672
articol de periodic DINCULESCU, Antonie (autor) Is the dark matter a consequence of the equivalence principle? 673-678
articol de periodic CAPRINI, Irinel (autor) Dispersive sum for the form factors of orbitally exctted heavy mesons 679-696
articol de periodic NICULESCU, V. (autor) , CATANĂ, S. (autor) , CATANĂ, D. (autor) , BABIN, V. (autor) Matrix elements of semifinite 2D two center nuclear potential for pho-reaction 697-701
articol de periodic BARNA, R. (autor) , SCALAT, F. (autor) , KAPPAS, C. (autor) Dose calculation algorithm for narrow heavy charged-particle beams 703-711
articol de periodic MACRIN, Rodica (autor) , MORARU, R. (autor) , VÎLCOV, N. (autor) High dose rate gamma-ray standard for industrial dosimetry 713-718
articol de periodic FIFIRIG, Magda (autor) Polarization effects on angular distributions in two-colour three-photon ionization 719-727
articol de periodic BEICA, Traian (autor) , ȚÎNȚARU, Mihaela (autor) , MOLDOVAN, Rodica (autor) , FRUNZĂ, Ștefan (autor) An improved approach of the pendant drop method for the surface tension measurement 729-736
articol de periodic ENESCU, S. (autor) , BIBICU, I. (autor) , ZORAN, V. (autor) , KLUGER, Alexandru (autor) An experiment of rayleigh scattering of Mossbauer radiation 737-746
articol de periodic GAJJAR, P.N. (autor) , THAKORE, B.Y. (autor) , JANI, A.R. (autor) Total crystal energy of some simple metals 747-753
articol de periodic DAVID, L. (autor) Heterobinuclear CuL2MnCl4 (L=1,4 diazaciclopentane) complex - one bidimensional magnetic chain 755-762
articol de periodic POPA-NIȚĂ, V. (autor) Phase-field model of polymers crystallization 763-770
articol de periodic AYACHI, M. (autor) Photodissociation par le rayonnement solaire ultraviolet des constituants minoritaires dans la mesosphere et la thermosphere formation des couches ionospheriques superieures 771-802
articol de periodic AYACHI, M. (autor) Les composes de l'oxigene dans la tres basse ionosphere. Effects sur la formation des couches ionospheriques reflechissante des ondes electromagnetiques 803-835
articol de periodic POPESCU, Emilia (autor) , RADULIAN, Mircea (autor) Source complexity of the crustal earthquake sequences in the Eastern Carpathians foredeep area 837-850