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articol de periodic ARMINJON, Mayeul (autor) Motion of the mass centers in a scalar theory of gravitation. I. Definition of mass centrs and general form of the equations of motion 645-658
articol de periodic ARMINJON, Mayeul (autor) Motion of the mass centers in a scalar theory of gravitation. II. Explicit equations of motion in the relevant approximation 659-678
articol de periodic ENE, Antoaneta (autor) , BEȘLIU, C. (autor) , OLARIU, Agata (autor) , BĂDICĂ, T. (autor) , POPESCU, I. (autor) , IVĂNESCU, Alexandru (autor) , JIANU, Dana (autor) Investigation of raw materials and related final products involved in the ironmaking process by thermal neutron activation 679-684
articol de periodic IORDACHE, Dan (autor) , SCALERANDI, Marco (autor) , IORDACHE, Viorica (autor) Study of finite differences simulations of the ultrasound propagation in Christesen's media 685-704
articol de periodic KYRIAKOS, D. (autor) The weak-field magnetoresistance skewness effect and the related galvanomagnetic measurements in cubic or non-cubil crystals 705-721
articol de periodic STEGĂRESCU, Mihaela (autor) , TRUPINA, Lucian (autor) , DIMITRIU, Elena (autor) , CONSTANTIN, Constantin (autor) Synthesis and properties of YBCO type superconductor thin films 723-731
articol de periodic SANDU, V. (autor) A way to estimate the Lindemann number 733-736
articol de periodic OBERAFO, A.A. (autor) , MUKOLU, A.I. (autor) H2O-induced enhamcement of conductance in Al-Ge-Au surface Barrier devices 737-749
articol de periodic MICLEA, Cornel (autor) , TĂNĂSESCU, C. (autor) , OPRGULESCU, R. (autor) Influence of the initial forming pressure and sample geometry on the final density of PZT type sintered ceramic samples 751-758
articol de periodic AMARANDE, L. (autor) , MICLEA, Cornel (autor) , TĂNĂSĂIU, C. (autor) , SĂNDULESCU, I. (autor) Effect of different dopants on the structure and properties of modified lead titanate ceramics 759-768
articol de periodic REZLESCU, E. (autor) , REZLESCU, N. (autor) , POPA, P. (autor) , SACHELARIE, L. (autor) Influence of Me2+O (Me=Cu,Cd,Co,Ca,Mn,Mg) on the structure and properties of a Ni-Zn ferrite 759-773
articol de periodic GAJJAR, P.N. (autor) , THAKORE, B.Y. (autor) , JANI, A.R. (autor) Electronic properties of Rb-K, Cs-K and Cs-Rb alloys 784-784
articol de periodic MOLDOVAN, Iren-Adelina (autor) , ENESCU, Bogdan (autor) , IONESCU, Constantin (autor) Predicting peak ground horizontal acceletation for Vrancea large earthquakes using attenuation relations for moderate shocks 785-