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articol de periodic BERCEANU, Ștefan (autor) Bergman representative coordinates on the Siegel-Jacobi disk 867-896
articol de periodic DIȚĂ, Petre (autor) New complex 6x6-dimensional hadamard matrices 897-903
articol de periodic HASHEMI, M.S. (autor) , ABBASBANDY, S. (autor) , ALHUTHALI, M. (autor) , ALSULAMI, H. (autor) Consideration laws and symmetries of m-KdV-KP equation 904-917
articol de periodic BHRAWY, A. (autor) , ALZAHRANI, E.O. (autor) , BĂLEANU, Dumitru (autor) , ALZAHRANI, A.A. (autor) Generalized laguerre-Gauss-Radau scheme for firstorderhyperbolic equations on semi-infinite domains 918-934
articol de periodic TRIKI, Houria (autor) , BENLASLLI, Abdelkrim (autor) , WAZWAZ, Abdul (autor) Exact solutions of the generalized pochhammer-chree rquation with sixt-order dispersion 935-951
articol de periodic WANG, Gangwei (autor) , KARA, A.H. (autor) , BUHE, Eerdun (autor) , KAKHAR, K. (autor) Group analysis conservation laws of a coupled system of partial differential equations describing the Carbon nanotubes conveying fluid 952-960
articol de periodic GUO, Y.C. (autor) , BISWAS, A. (autor) Solitons and other solutions to Gardner Equation by similarity reduction 961-970
articol de periodic IBIȘ, Birol (autor) Application of fractional variational iteration method for solving fractional Fokker-Plank equation 971-979
articol de periodic MAHANTA, K. (autor) , TRIPATHY, S.K. (autor) Cosmic strings and anisotropic universe 980-992
articol de periodic DELION, D. (autor) , BARAN, V. (autor) Systematics of the pairing coherence length 993-1009
articol de periodic BORDBAR, G. (autor) , FERIDOONNETHAD, R. (autor) , TAGHIZADE, M. (autor) Asymetry energy of nuclear matter: temperature and density dependence and validity of semi-empirical formula 1010-1018
articol de periodic PALADE, D. (autor) , BARAN, V. (autor) General static polarizability in pherical neutral metal clusters and fullerenes within Thomas-Fermi theory 1019-1031
articol de periodic BOUGOFFA, Lazhar (autor) , RACH, Randolph (autor) Approximate analytical solutions of the Thomas-Fermi Equation by a direct method 1032-1039
articol de periodic JORA, Renata (autor) , SCHECHTER, Joseph (autor) A semi perturbative method for QED 1040-1052
articol de periodic BODNĂRESCU, Adrian (autor) Renomalization infrared singularities in a three-loop multiparton WEB using the soft exponentiation method 1052-1967
articol de periodic SORTORIO, Roberto (autor) , STOICESCU, Cristina (autor) The spinodal curve of the system water - 1- butanol - I- propanol according to the wheller - Widom model 1068-1086
articol de periodic HOU, Junhua (autor) , LI, Hao (autor) Acoustic polaron in spherical quantum dots 1087-1094
articol de periodic REBEGEA, L. (autor) , FIRESCU, D. (autor) , DUMITRU, M. (autor) , DUMITRACHE, M. (autor) , DIACONU, C (autor) Linear-quadratic model applied in re-irradiation of brain metastases 1095-1102
articol de periodic CRĂCIUN, Dana (autor) , ISVORAN, Adriana (autor) Corretion between the secondary structure elements in the spatial arrangement of the Ef-hand calcium binding proteins 1103-1111
articol de periodic CIORSAC, Alecu (autor) , POPESCU, Iuliana (autor) , ISVORAN, Adriana (autor) Synthetic anabolids steroids biniding to the human androgen receptor 1112-1120
articol de periodic IVAȘCU, Irina. (autor) , MATEI, Cristian (autor) , PATACHIA (autor) , BRATU, A. (autor) , DUMITRAȘ, D. (autor) Photoacoustic measurements of the CO2 absorption coeficientzs with infrared region of CO2 laser spectrum 1121-1131
articol de periodic POPA, C. (autor) , DUMITRAȘ, D. (autor) , PATACHIA, M. (autor) , BANIȚA, S. (autor) Improvement of a photoacoustic technique for the analysis of non-organic bananas during ripening process 1132-1138
articol de periodic SPANOS, Thomas (autor) , ENE, Antoaneta (autor) , XATZIXRISTOU, Christina (autor) , PAPAIOANNOU, Agelos (autor) Assessment of grounwater quality and hydrogeological profile of Kavala Area, Northern Greece 1139-1150
articol de periodic PAPIC, M. (autor) , VUKOVIC, M. (autor) Multivatiate analysis contamination of alluvial soils with heavy metals in Cacak, Serbia 1151-1162
articol de periodic BĂRBULESCU, Alina (autor) , MAFTEI, Carmen (autor) Modeling the climate in the area of Techirghiol Lake (Romania) 1163-1170
articol de periodic RĂDULESCU, C. (autor) , IORDACHE, S. (autor) , DUNEA, D. (autor) , STIHI, C. (autor) , DULAMA, L. (autor) Risks assessment heavy metals on public health associated with atmospheric exposure to PM2,5 in urban area 1171-1182
articol de periodic CUIBUS, A. (autor) , COSMA, C. (autor) , MUNTEAN, L. (autor) , KISS, Z. (autor) Experimental studies on the radioactivity and exhalation rate of several concrete mixtures with additions 1183-1192
articol de periodic NICU, M. (autor) , IONAȘCU, L. (autor) , ȚURCANU, C. (autor) , DRAGOLICI, F. (autor) Use of lithium nitrate as a potentially corrosion inhibitor for radioactive aluminium in cementing systems 1193-1202
articol de periodic MOLDOVAN, Iren-Adelina (autor) , CONSTANTIN, A. (autor) , BIAGI, P. (autor) , TOMA, Danila (autor) , MOLDOVAN, A. (autor) , DOLEA, P. (autor) , TOADER, V. (autor) , MAGGIPINTO, T. (autor) The development of the romanian VLF/LF monitoring system as part pf the international network for frontier research on earthquake precursors (INFREP) 1203-1217
articol de periodic HAZRA, P. (autor) , BARUI, S. (autor) , DE, S.S. (autor) , PAUL, S. (autor) Studies on the influence of two large earthquakes (M>6) upon 9 kHz sperics recorded from Kolkata 1218-1224
articol de periodic TOADER, Victorin (autor) , MOLDOVAN, Iren (autor) , IONESCU, Constantin (autor) Complex monitoring and alert system for seismotectonic phenomena 1225-1233