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articol de periodic RĂSVAN, Vladimir (autor) Toader Morozan on his 70th birthday .1-2
articol de periodic BĂTINEȚU-GIURGIU, Maria (autor) Non-homogeneous linear feedback for optimal stabilization by bountary control of p-caloric equation, p>1 .3-20
articol de periodic COSTA, Oswaldo (autor) , OKIMURA, Rodrigo (autor) Multi-period mean variance optimal control of Markov jump with multiplicative noise systems 21-34
articol de periodic DRĂGAN, Vasile (autor) , DAMM, Tobias (autor) , FREILING, Gerhard (autor) Lyapunov iterations for coupled Riccati differential equations arising in connection with nash differential games 35-46
articol de periodic HALANAY, Arsitide (autor) , URSU, Ioan (autor) Stability of equilibria in a model for electrohydraulic servomechanisms 47-54
articol de periodic MARINOV, Corneliu (autor) Dynamical systems modelling computational circuits 55-60
articol de periodic MATCOVSCHI, Mihaela-Hanako (autor) , PASTRAVANU, Octavian (autor) , VOICU, Mihail (autor) Novel results in the qualitative analysis of continuous-time bidirectional associative memories 61-75
articol de periodic MIRICĂ, Ștefan (autor) , BOUREMANI, Touffik (autor) On the correct solution of a trivial optimal control problem in mathematical economics 77-86
articol de periodic PREPELIȚĂ, Valeriu (autor) Stability of a class of multidimensional continuous-discrete linear systems 87-98
articol de periodic RĂSVAN, Vladimir (autor) "Lost" cases in the theory of stability for linear time Delay systems 99-110
articol de periodic STOICA, Adrian (autor) Stochastic hopfield networks with multiplicative noise and Markov parameters 111-122
articol de periodic TIBA, Dan (autor) , WANG, Gengsheng (autor) , YAMAMOTO, Masahiro (autor) Applications of convexity in some identification problems 123-133