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articol de periodic CĂLUGĂREANU, Gheorghe (autor) Un theoreme sur les traversees d'un norud 565-569
articol de periodic FOIAȘ, Ciprian (autor) Decompositions en operateurs et vecteurs propres II. Elements de theorie sperctrale dans les espaces nucleaires 571-602
articol de periodic HANGAN, Theodor (autor) On the canonical form of a second order mixed tensor 617-626
articol de periodic STOKA, Marius (autor) Uber die bewwgungsgruppe eines riemannschen Raumes V3 mit konstanter negativer krummung 633-662
articol de periodic GARG, K.M. (autor) On nowhere monotone functions. II. Derivates at sets of power c and at sets of positive measure 663-671
articol de periodic VRÎNCEANU, Gheorghe (autor) About the morion group of a third species correspondence between projective planers whose characteristics are not parallel to a fixed direction 675-682
articol de periodic GRATZER, G. (autor) On boolean functions (Notes on lattice theory. II) 693-697
articol de periodic ONICESCU, Octav (autor) Adaptive Control Processes. A Guide Tour - Bellman Richard 717-717
articol de periodic ONICESCU, Octav (autor) Lectures in theoretical Physics - vol III 718-719
articol de periodic GALBURĂ, Gheorghe (autor) Il teorema di Riemann-Roch per curve, superficie e varieta - Severi F. 719-721
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, N. (autor) Probleme plane in teoria elasticității - Teodorescu P. 721-722
articol de periodic HALANAY, Aristide (autor) Contributions to the theory of nonlinear oscillations 722-724
articol de periodic GUSSI, G. (autor) Convex functions and Orlicz spaces - Krasnoselskii M.A., Rutickii I-B. 724-725
articol de periodic GUSSI, G. (autor) Methode mathematique pour les science phisiques - Schwartz L. 725-726
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Cornelia (autor) The abundance of the elements - Aller Lawrence 726-729
articol de periodic BARBILIAN, Dan (autor) Oszillationmatrizen. 729-731
articol de periodic GORCIU, Vasile (autor) Russian-English Dictionary of the Mathematical Sciences - Lohwater A.J., Gould S.H. 731-731
articol de periodic BUCUR, Ion (autor) Grundzuge der Albegra - Lugowski-Weinert 731-732
articol de periodic BUCUR, Ion (autor) An Introduction to Homological Albegra - Northcott D.H. 732-733