Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic PASCALI, Dan (autor) Analysis and Topology - Andreian Cazacu Cabieia, Lehto Olli 354-354
articol de periodic STOICA, Lucrețiu (autor) Lectures on Spaces of Nonpositive Curvature - Ballmann Werner 354-354
articol de periodic ANANDAM, Victor (autor) Biharmonic classification of harmonic spaces 383-395
articol de periodic CHERCIU, Mihai (autor) A general type of diferentions by recursion 397-411
articol de periodic CHIRIACESCU, Gabriel (autor) A formal complex of Cech type and an application to the Hartshorne-Lichtenbaum Vanishing theorem 413-418
articol de periodic COULON, J. (autor) , COULON, J.L. (autor) Quelques reflections concernant la representation d'une algebre de post et d'une algebre de post involutive dans l'algebre des parties floues d'une structure floue involutive 419-425
articol de periodic DESHOUILLERS, Jean-Marc (autor) , IOSIFESCU, Marius (autor) Sommes de s+1 pseudo-puissances s-imes 427-435
articol de periodic ENE, Vasile (autor) Characterizations of VBGO (N) and VB*GO(N) by means of appropriate variational outer measures 437-446
articol de periodic GHERGHE, Cătălin (autor) Harmonic maps on Kenmotsu manifolds 447-453
articol de periodic HAG, Kari (autor) , HAG, P. (autor) , MARTIO, Olli (autor) Quasisimilarities: definitions, stability and extension 455-486
articol de periodic PĂUN, Udrea (autor) A generalization of a theorem of Hajnal 487-494
articol de periodic SEBE, Gabriela (autor) The Gauss-Kuzmin theorem for Hutwitz's singular continued fraction expansion 495-514
articol de periodic VAN, de (autor) , VERSTRAELEN, L. (autor) , WALRAVE, J. (autor) The Surface of Scherk: a mininal invariant under compression 515-519
articol de periodic YUE, CHI (autor) On mi-rings and regular rings 521-530
articol de periodic UDREA, Gheorghe (autor) A problem of Diophants-Fermat-Fermat and Chebyshev polynomials of the first king 531-535
articol de periodic URSU, Vasile (autor) On identies of nilpotent Moufang Loops 537-548
articol de periodic STOICA, Lucrețiu (autor) Nonpositive Curvatrure: Geiometric and Analytic Aspects - Jost Jurgen 549-549
articol de periodic BEZNEA, Lucian (autor) Potential Theory-ICPT 94 - Kral Joseph, Lukes Jaroslav 549-550
articol de periodic BEZNEA, Lucian (autor) Elliptic Functional Differential Equations and Applications - Skubachevskii Alexander 550-550
articol de periodic IOSIFESCU, Marius (autor) Statistical and Probabilistic Models in Reliability - Ionescu D.C., Limnios N. 550-551
articol de periodic TĂTĂRÎM, Monica (autor) Bounded Queries in Recursion Theory - Gasarch Willian, Martin Georgia 551-552
articol de periodic GEORGESCU, George (autor) Handbook of Defensible Reasoning and Uncertaninty Management Systems - Gabbay Dov., Smets Philippe 552-553
articol de periodic GEORGESCU, George (autor) Models Algebras and Proofs - Caiceda Yavier, Montenegro Carlos 553-553