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articol de periodic ALEXANDRU, Victor (autor) , POPESCU, Nicolae (autor) , ZAHARESCU, Alexandru (autor) Metric invariants in B+dR associated to differential operators 551-564
articol de periodic BARNAL-GONGALEZ, Luis (autor) Isomodular interpolating sequences 565-570
articol de periodic BUICULESCU, Mioara (autor) On essentially irreducible Markov processes 571-581
articol de periodic BUICULESCU, Mioara (autor) Correction to "some properties of excessive measures relative to multiplicative functionals 583-583
articol de periodic CHERCIU, Mihail (autor) Extended recursive definitions 585-602
articol de periodic CRISTEA, Mihai (autor) A note on the formula for change of variables in multiple integrals 603-609
articol de periodic DĂSCĂLESCU, S. (autor) , KELAREV, A.V. (autor) , NĂSTĂSESCU, C. (autor) Semigroup gradings of upper triangular matrix rings 611-615
articol de periodic FUNAR, Louis (autor) Simple homotopy type and open 3-manifolds 617-637
articol de periodic GUNZLER, Hans (autor) Improper integrals and local integrals 639-651
articol de periodic IFTIMIE, B. (autor) , VÎRSAN, Constantin (autor) First order functional equations associated with the Cauchy-Kowalewska theorem 653-672
articol de periodic LEFEBVRE, Mario (autor) Ising a Kolmogorov backward equation to solve a differential game problem 673-685
articol de periodic OLTEANU, Octav (autor) Jensen type inequalities related to the gamma function and a new integral formula 687-703
articol de periodic POP, I. (autor) On the mapping cylinder in the shape theory 705-711